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    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    Bummer to hear about Pete Treadwell. He helped with our set up and display at the Community Center. Had to steal a part off a display bike when he helped a kid who crashed during the Poker Run and his bike fell over in the process. Good guy who supports the sport by sponsoring the 100 and participates regularly. Lance
  2. vintageyz

    Washington Odessa Bike Week

    Hello All! Here's some information on the Odessa Bike Week in coordination with the Desert 100. Riding and camping will be available from Tuesday April 6 to April 10 at the same site as the White Knuckle GP. Porta toilets will be on site. Showers will be open at the local high school. The off road display will be open on April 7-10 at the Odessa Community Center. A beer and sausage garden will be offered on Thursday, April 8. There's more information at www.odessachamber.net/bikeweek.php www.experiencepowersports.com or on facebook under Odessa bike week. There's more information coming so please check in often. Please support the Odessa community as they are pro-offroad!
  3. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    It was a good turnout. More folks rolled in as the day progressed. Last night, the campgrounds/riding area had a ton of rigs and more were coming in every minute. The wind has calmed and it's a great sunrise this morning! Stop in today or see us on vendors row in the Experience Powersports Box Van. Buses will be running during the day to bring you into town.
  4. vintageyz

    have arrived at Odessa

    The Washington State Patrol road forecast is noting that there is a chance of snow but not as heavy as some are saying. Have a safe drive and hope to see you there.
  5. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    Bike Week is all set. We will have drawing prizes, discounted parts and accessories, lots of new things to see including the only pair of Jett boots on the West Coast. Stop by or take the bus from the 100 site. Oh yeah, it's raining. Photos posted on Facebook under Experience Powersports
  6. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    There was a pretty good series of rain showers today in Odessa. More slated for Thursday! Hopefully, the dampness will give us good track conditions. Set up for Bike Week continues. Stop in and enter for prizes and giveaways. Prizes include a great riding jacket, helmet, hats, and more. Lots of items at big closeout prices including DC shoes!
  7. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    We are packing up for Odessa today. Hundreds of tires, some of the coolest accessories, bikes, clothing, race gas, and more. We hope to see you soon!
  8. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    There will be new bikes at the show and perhaps a few machines to demo. Drop in at the show to see what can be put together! There will also be a significant number of accessories not typically stocked. It will be a great time to size yourself for a Leatt or Asterisk brace. Shoei or Arai Helmet. Huge selection of tires. You can look in the comfort of the community center.
  9. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    Rekluse will be joining us at Bike Week. The Rekluse Core EXP clutch is a fantastic addition to a bike. It operates just like a stock clutch, but with the advantages of an automatic too. Core EXP clutches and technical support will be available. That, and a beer on Thursday night!
  10. vintageyz

    E. WA. Dust Storm

    The extended forecast calls for rain a few days prior to the 100.
  11. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    Here's an Odessa Bike Week update. The routes for riding from camp to town have changed. Please see the Odessa Bike Week website for routing. Essentially, bikes must be pushed across the Highways (thanks to the state for suddenly making the change.) It's still cool that we can ride in and out! For those going to the Frostbite/White Knuckle via I-90, stop by Experience Powersports for more information on Bike Week!
  12. vintageyz

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    Camping for Bike Week will be available from April 5 through April 11 (should anyone simply want to stay at the Bike Week location...) Porta toilets will be available the same dates. Showers will be available at the high school. Thanks for asking and see you there.
  13. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    There will be buses running back and forth between the 100 site and town.
  14. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    The purple route shown on the Odessa Bike Week google map link goes from the camp location into town. You will be able to ride directly from camp, no need to unhook your truck. I'll see if we can get a more detailed map.
  15. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    Here's some BIG news. The city of Odessa is going to allow ORVs to ride on select city streets from the Bike Week camp site. (White Knuckle location) You will be able to come into town on an ORV tagged machine, licensed operators only. We hope that everyone takes advantage of coming out, camping, riding, and having fun. The city is really welcoming our off road community and being good citizens and customers for the local area is a great way to show support. Plus, who knows what this could develop into for riders! More information on riding rules at http://www.odessachamber.net/bikeweek.php
  16. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    Here's an update. Shoei Helmets will be at Bike Week along with a rep from the distributor. Also TCX boots, which is the company making the Nike boot that Stewart and Dungey wear. There will be some very cool news coming in a few days, stay tuned!
  17. vintageyz

    anyone running the Spring Scramble in Airway Hights?

    We've been running the fling since it's inception. A very fun event and a great prep ride for the 100.
  18. vintageyz

    Odessa Bike Week

    For all those camping, there will be a RV septic pump service available on Thursday for $25.00. There will be no propane services in Odessa, so plan accordingly or we can give you directions to nearby services. Speaking of service, Terry from Hyper X and Dan from Evo Suspension will be at the Bike Week display to customize your jerseys or set you up on great suspension.
  19. vintageyz

    Seattle Motorcycle Show

    We are working on a bike show and vendor display in Odessa the week of the Desert 100. There's also a good chance that we can open up a riding area there so people can come in early and play ride. More information will be coming soon. PM me if you wish more information.
  20. Just to let everyone know the Experience Powersports in Moses Lake is having their grand opening on July 11. Live band, vintage bike show, X games medalist Justin Homan doing freestyle shows, vendors and lendors on site. Should be a great event and we hope you can make it. Specials on KTM parts and accessories.
  21. vintageyz

    More SB5544 Noise abatement

    Just a thought....we've all discussed, ranted, written about this horrible legislation and the small minds that support it. Now that the bill has passed out of the Rules Committee, we need every effort to stop it with the Senate vote. I'm sure each of us know five other people who ride that may not have written their Senator about this. Call them. Ask them to email or call and oppose the bill. Ask them to call five more people. Yes, it's simply stupid. But, I've contacted alot of people in the last few days on this. Many people just don't know about it or haven't been kicked into action. Strangely enough, the old phone tree can work. Consider it.
  22. vintageyz

    Huckfest 2007 Toes MX Park

    Just a word to all that Washington's own Ryan Capes set a new world record last weekend for Huckfest 2007 at Toes MX Park in Royal City. Ryan went 253'2" and pulled a Hart Attack/Indy Air. He actually did a double jump. For those that ride Toes, Capes jumped the canal first and then hit the ramp. All this with snow flying (too). Several other great riders showed their Huck skills with great whips, backflips, etc. Plus some good moto time in the snow.
  23. vintageyz

    Spring Mud Fling

    To answer your first question, the Spring Mud fling is alot of fun. The hare scramble uses alot of the Airway Heights facility; including the motocross track, sand drag area, and the back desert, rock. 3 hours of straight racing if you want to ironman. A large amount of advil after. The tag team is more manageable. There's alot of bike prep, as the terrain varies. I have more than one bent rim from running it.
  24. vintageyz

    Anyone been to Moses Lake?

    The sand is damp, but all the snow is gone. There's a few muddy spots but all reports have said the riding is pretty darn good.
  25. vintageyz

    Huckfest 2007

    Sorry for the semi-commercial on this, but you can check out the details of Huckfest 2007 at www.mlpowersports.com Ryan Capes will be attempting a world record jump for the longest trick and longest jump on a four stroke. This is held at Toes MX Park.