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  1. krazyinski

    Lets see those 200

  2. krazyinski

    Ktm 250exc spooge problem!?

    How long has it been doing this ? pilot is usually the culprit in a spooge athon . you should jet by your plug not pipe . takes some time . mark your throttle in 1/4" increments using a fixed point on the housing. start doing some plug chop readings. 0-1/4 pilot 1/4 -3/4 needle 3/4 - full open main keep in mind they overlap.
  3. krazyinski

    200 xcw sxs hard parts pipe question

    http://www.srtoffroad.com/node/112 oem replacement pipe ! $149.00 worth a shot?
  4. krazyinski

    200 xcw sxs hard parts pipe question

    Here is the real story, FMF makes a Gnarly for the 200 11-14 thats it. prev years FMF Gnarly is slightly different. KTM engineers send FMF the specs for the SXS hard parts pipe for them to manufacture . The 11-14 SXS Hard parts pipe measures out from every angle the same as the FMF Gnarly. If you have a 11-14 200 and you are changing from the stock pipe to the Gnarly you will have to run around a 170 main or the pipe will fall flat on top cause it runs out of fuel and keeps moving air thus running lean giving the bike a flat or early sign off. This is how it all started, I smashed my 2012 SXS pipe an purchased a FMF Gnarly , in between I went back to the oem pipe, while I sent my SXS pipe out for repair. The OEM pipe has a smooth feel kinda lazy in the spin up really pronounced cone to bell shape. I adjusted the jetting cause the oem pipe was making the bike blubber a bit. Stage two : the new FMF Gnarly pipe shows up a day before the trusty sxs11200500 makes it back from repair . out of curiosity I checked to see if the CF pipe guard from the SXS pipe would fit the Gnarly and it was a perfect match . We all Know NEW is better so on goes the new Gnarly . The first thing out of the box just using 1st through 3rd gear the bike was flat on top ! I did not like it of course this is what I feared and the reason why I sent the SXS pipe to be fixed , I had read in the "forums" the Gnarly did this ! SO to be fair I switched to the SXS pipe , crap!! it did the same thing ! what happened ??!! ding! ding! ding! I forgot I changed the jetting for the oem pipe ! so I fattened the jetting back to where it was before and all was good with the SXS pipe , curiosity got me to put the Gnarly back on and run the same test. results are the Gnarly and the SXS respond the same. I called FMF for the second time in my life first time they told me the SXS was like the FMF fatty that is true for the 250-300 pipes , not the 200 this time the story I got from FMF is what I stated above. That confusion leads me to calipers , tape measure and string . measuring both pipes in the exact same spots circumference and length they are the same pipe. well at least the two pipes I have are. TAKE IN MIND FROM SOME YEARS TO OTHERS THE PIPES HAVE CHANGED SO THOSE COMPARING A 03 SXS PIPE TO A 11 SXS THEIR IS A DIFFERENCE. MOST OVER LOOK ON THE 200, IS THAT THE 200 CAN TAKE MORE FUEL ON TOP BIGGER MAIN JET THAN THE BOOK SPECS FOR IT.
  5. krazyinski

    KTM 200 XCW Vibration noise

    sounds normal to me .
  6. krazyinski

    Ktm 300xcw vs 350 exc-f?

    Every one is some kind of person, their riding ability, style , area develops a 2strk or 4strk feel or like. It takes years to figure out , I love four strokes grew up riding them. I ride a 12 200 xcw with A/C , flex bars, low profile tires, linkage suspension on the rear , 4cs forks up front and a very true crank for minimal vibration. The solution came over years of riding other bikes with good traction planted feel to power house bikes, I was searching for the answer and finding it in the next bike. Bottom line I ended up building a bike that has a very planted feel , the power with out vibration that I like and is 1inch lower than a PDS bike. I am a 2strk rider it fits me and my style. I have no doubt that you could be in love or hate with the 300 . It will feel depending on setup , the 300 has way more power than the 400 and is a torque monster for a two stroke. Set up ! set up ! set up! The 300 has the ability to get you in trouble fast , it does not have that dial a power feel like the 400 , It can seem to deflect or feel twitchy in comparison If it has been years sense you have been on a 2T.I ran a Rekluse and throttle cam on mine and it still had some wicked power. The 300 has the ability to jump from corner to corner. It is a versatile bike that requires attention to set up ! It vibrates !! dont care what you die hards say the 250 , 300 , 2t Vibrate !
  7. krazyinski

    Ktm 300xcw vs 350 exc-f?

    Both are good choices , the 300 is going to feel lite in comparison and have a ton more power , it will feel more as if your riding on top of the bike , than the lazyboy feel of the 400. The 350 will feel lite an flickable in comparison but it will have less of that torque fell down low that the 400 has. Both bikes will handle 10 times better than the 400. The bike thats the best match for comparison to the 400 is the 450 XCW or the 500exc dont get spooked by the cc's these bikes are more of what you describe your looking for. The new motor design makes these really nice DS bikes where riders do more off road than on.
  8. krazyinski

    New to KTM and 2 strokes, need some tips!

    on the outside is of where the pipe meets the head is an indicator that the pipe is not sealed, new orings and make sure the pipe is not cocked in the flange. other things on older bikes is the flange gets worn out or cracks , springs get weak and the pipe gets pushed out under hard acceleration.
  9. krazyinski

    New to KTM and 2 strokes, need some tips!

    Use a good synthetic oil and stick with the oil and the 50:1 ratio for a full season or top end. when you do the top end check the build up on the powervalve and piston. that will tell you a lot about your oil . if the flash point is low then you will end up with a lot of build up on the power valve and pipe. I recommend Amsoil just from using it and seeing the results of a clean topend with little to no wear. I had an oil distributor other than Amsoil , give me his product for testing I ran it for 65 hrs.The normal time for me on a top end is 80-100 hrs. The other product did perform well, but left the power valve coated in carbon buildup discolored the piston. and some will say ya but it could be your ____ or____ . The key fact for me was and is nothing changed but the oil I was using. I am a Big Amsoil supporter, never have I ever had seizure using it on a two stroke. I have let the little bikes go to long and have seen metal on metal but the darn bike was still running. had a big end bearing come apart on my sons KX 65 one year towards the end of a race on his victory lap. but the darn thing did not lock up. got a used pw 50 one year , started running the interceptor in it at 50:1 ran it for 6 months till my son says it did not go fast anymore. Up on tear down I found the rings ground into the piston and the cylinder to be fatally scared , the funny thing was I found dirt packed in the underside of the piston the bike never quit running and the top side of the bike head and piston crown was clean. That tells me the oil does several things cools, by providing lubrication thus reducing friction , increases ring seal to cylinder wall , and burns clean at the flash point. Of course air filter seal and maintenance plays a big part, along with pipe seal at the cylinder.
  10. krazyinski

    200exc full rebulid

    $75.00 get a new Exhaust flange. spend a couple of hours bending and fitting the pipe to where it fits flush in the flange but stays in a neutral position at the hard mounts.
  11. krazyinski

    KTM 200 EXC/XCW

    The 200 Does not get any better for an all around bike. careful buying older bikes, 06 and up if you can 2003 - 05 but use caution examine close. EXC is the XCW . The forks are horrible with out mods on the 05 and earlier. look for the exhaust flange to be worn out , top end the cylinder my be in need of replating, foot pegs mount tabs can be egg shaped or ripped out on the bottom, hubs may be worn to the point that the wheel bearings feel bad , the wheel moves side to side but in reality the bearings have to much play in the hub. The 200 is a wash and ride bike , they are ridden a lot owners keep them around a long time, good news is you can buy one for a good price and put $1000 in to it and ride for years.
  12. This should be a training video for how to ride a 200 , and a tech video on how and what a 200 should be capable of ! I hope the viewers can tell and hear just what your making it do ! revs out nice , lugs and climbs with a dab of the clutch !
  13. krazyinski

    2004 KTM 200 EXC Good Deal & OK for Son?

    yes I put the lightest springs I could on it maxed out the static sag and it responds great ! he is young and in order to go fast they must learn to overcome the issues we try to tune out. I have a 12 200 with head mod, flex bars, GPR , hardparts pipe , balanced to perfection meaning ZERO crank and custom Tuned suspenders including 4CS forks. he really loves my bike and thought he was going to get it ! ha! I say you got to learn to be fast on a POS first , then you get the good stuff ! by no means is his EXC a POS but it was when we first got it. I Paid $1000 for a 2003 200EXC it needed a top end , exhaust flange , bars , tires ,foot peg mounts had to be welded the holes where elongated and ripped out on the bottom, wheel bearings and the list ran up to $1000 bucks or so . I sure hope you bought that bike cause it sound like a good deal.
  14. krazyinski

    2004 KTM 200 EXC Good Deal & OK for Son?

    I just moved my 12 year old up to a 200 exc , just do what most are saying, adjust the power valve , jet the bike, put a gnarly pipe on it . I put a 2012 oem pipe on my sons and used a Suzuki NEDH needle, put low profile tires to help with shorting the bike a bit . He loves it . the 200 is so versitle dont think to much into it . the SX might have a different CDI but the motor is the same as the exc.
  15. I have a set of 48mm WP twin chamber forks off a 2012 KTM . they have been re-valved for off road technical riding, roots Rocks and the like. PR2 Racing Technology did all the work for the guy I bought the forks from in Jan of this year he road less than a day on them, includes fresh oil seals,bushings, .43 springs for 170 lbs rider and custom valving. PR2 169 Hannahstown Rd. Butler, Pa 16002 Tel: (724) 360-2745 I ran these for about 12miles they worked great, I was also testing a set of 2013 4CS forks back to back against these forks. I settled on the 4CS forks due to the ease of service and on the fly adjust-ability of rebound and compresion. It was a close call on what fork worked better These fork still very fresh as it takes around 20 hrs to break in new bushings these forks dont have that on them yet. Testing was done on a 12 200 xcw. These forks work great plush on the trail junk and a great on big hits and sand whoops. perfect upgrade for a bike with open chamber forks. I curently have them for sale on ebay for $825.00 pm me if your interested.