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  1. We'll be at Rock Run today at about noon. First time there- any trails a must ride?
  2. pennsylvania

    Riding Rock Run on Saturday. PM me if interested. 2 of us on bikes are going as of now.
  3. We're going to Rock Run Saturday afternoon if anyone wants to meet up. There's 2 of us on bikes so far.
  4. We're going up to rock run for the $5 day
  5. I think the step brother and I are going to ICV Sunday.
  6. pennsylvania

    I'm aiming for a ride Sunday afternoon/ Evening. If anyone wants to go, PM me
  7. If you were pleased with the increase in the amount/quality of single track last year, you'll even happier this year... So... does that mean maintenance was done or new track? I'm trying to find someone to ride with on Sunday. Everyones out of town from my group.
  8. pennsylvania

    Anyone want to ride Sunday afternoon/ evening?
  9. pennsylvania

    I couldn't make it last night, but the news from the ones that did go to the meeting is that there is 0% interest from the board members.
  10. pennsylvania

    We're gonna ride Wednesday also, meeting in the parking lot at 4:15
  11. pennsylvania

    I guess Im stating that about whats out in the open.Im sure the soft wooded sections get some work.
  12. pennsylvania

    Natural terrian is what Im shooting for. Step ups/ step downs and few table tops, whoops and berms. Needs to accommodate all ages and all skill levels so it would be mild The reason no body rides mtn ridges track is because its littered with soft ball sized rocks and the step up is also shot. I have noticed no trail maintenance to any thing up there, since Ive started going up in the late 2000's. Seems like every rock, rut and puddle has not moved.
  13. pennsylvania

    I have everything pretty well written up. Just need member support now. We'll see how it goes on Wednesday.
  14. Any ICV dirt bike members out there? I am trying to get things moving on a new outdoor mx track and need people and their ideas. If anyone's interested, I would appreciate some input as well as attendance at the meeting on May the 2nd at 7:30 pm.
  15. pennsylvania

    Any members interested in a mx track? Any ideas? Can anyone make the meeting on may the 2nd at 7:30?