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    DRZ400S Front tire size

    Hello, Just bought a set of the Warp 9 supermoto wheels for my DRZ400S. After extensive searching it would seem a 140/17 tire for the rear will fit with no problem. I would like to put a 130/17 on the front but have not found a definite yes it will fit. I have read the sm has trouble because of the gaurds. I am and 80/20 rider so mud and such caking up on the tire would never be a problem. The Shinko 705 is what I plan to get. I know this is most likely a rerun question but I never found a solid answer. Thanks to anyone that can help.
  2. Deerknight

    Ebay Wheel Reviews

    I am interested in the kke racing supermoto wheels to for my DRZ but so far I have found no history of them as far as reviews go. Maybe new product? Do not know. Was hoping to find something here. They are listed as being made in the USA. The main site has reviews and 5 stars but they seem to have it locked out so you cant read them. Wonder whats up with that?