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    ‘17 RMX450Z-opinions?

    Lol, yea that would suck! I have in-laws in AZ, Rio Rico. I may have to take the scooter with me when we go visit haha
  2. Tony Boyer

    ‘17 RMX450Z-opinions?

    Glad your liking it ericridebike. After I finished break-in on mine is when i done the other mods. I didn't use a tuner, I used a digital voltmeter to make it a bit richer on the TPS setting. I've got around 300 miles on it and loving it. Hand guards, yea, glad I got mine lol
  3. Tony Boyer

    ‘17 RMX450Z-opinions?

    I've had mine since this past October. After removing the throttle stop, airbox restriction, uncorked the exhaust and richened up the TPS , it really came alive. My TPS was set at .42, i set it to .62 (if memory serves me correctly) and the lean pop, and excessive heat, went away. Much smoother idle and easier to start. Its a little rich while poking through some slow tight trails but nothing bad by any means. I agree with stupidmoto, It is a little heavy feeling at times. I'm 5'9" and around 190. All I need now is a bit softer clutch springs as it does have a heavy pull on the clutch. At least for me it does.