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  1. Garygriff89

    TM mapping switch ?

    Thanks for the reply buddy . I genuinely can't tell any difference between the 2 maps 😂
  2. Hi guys , on my 2013 en 250 2t it has the mapping switch on the bars , but if I'm honest I can't really tell any difference between the 2 . Does the engine need to be turned off to switch between maps or can it be done whilst running ?
  3. Garygriff89

    Finally gone TM 😍

    Thanks mate . What fuel/oil ratio do you run in yours ?
  4. Hi guys , after owning the usual jap Motocross bikes back in the day, I then bought my first Enduro which was a gasgas EC , and after that I thought I was converted to gasgas for life .. But last week I picked up a 13 TM 250 enduro , all I can say is wow 😍😍😍 . Anyone else on here have the same bike ? What mods (if any) have you done ? I haven't spent long enough on it to play about with the suspension settings etc yet , but I'm VERY happy with it 👍
  5. Garygriff89

    Transformation Tuesday ?

    And how it is now
  6. Transformation Tuesday ? .. my bike got stolen back last august .. managed to get it back in December .. 1st pic is when I got it back (I had to change the rear fender as they'd spray painted it black & it was also all bent) 2nd pic was taken 2 days ago .. since having it back the bike has had a full rebuild, all new clutch , master cylinder, push rod even the perch , all new bearings, fork seals , some dents blown outta the front pipe .. basically they trashed it ..
  7. Changed the plug on my 09 gasgas ec125 just to keep on top of things .. anything u guys can tell me about the plug ? How's it 2 different colours ?
  8. Garygriff89

    Wrong plug?

    Hi guys , would the wrong heat range plug cause a bike to be hard to start when cold ? My mates husky cr125 is a bitch to kick up when cold (takes about 15 kicks) but soon as it starts once it'll kick 1st kick all day long .. he's running a br8 but the book said br9 would this be the reason ? He's gonna change the plug back to a br9 when he gets chance
  9. Garygriff89

    What's needed for headlight ?

    Hello guys I've got a 2004 kx250 2t , sometimes we don't get back until late ish so want to fit a factory looking headlight for the bike .. what's needed altogether ? Is there a place that would sell it as a kit etc ?
  10. Doing chain & sprockets on my ec125 09 model , how the hell do I get the springy thing off the tensioner ? Lol
  11. Garygriff89

    How to change chain slider

    Hi guys just purchased a new chain slider for my 09 ec125 .. the long 1 nearest the front sprocket .. how the hell do I get the old 1 outta the small gap & the new 1 in ? I've removed the bolt but it just seems like the Sprocket would need to come off ?
  12. Garygriff89

    Flywheel weights

    Will it lose any performance as we sometimes use the fire roads between trails ?
  13. Garygriff89

    Flywheel weights

    Hi guys im looking at getting a flywheel weight for my 2004 kx250 , I understand the benefits of these , but are there any downsides? Also what weight would you recommend ? I do mostly trail/enduro riding.
  14. Garygriff89

    What years fit ?

    Sorry I meant 06 kxf450 😂 autocorrect on my phone