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  1. sjpete

    2016 wr450f coolant leak

    O ring I referred to is #2
  2. sjpete

    2016 wr450f coolant leak

    Looking at right case cover diagram. If it is leaking coolant between the cover and case above the water pump, I think it is likely the o ring on the water pass through pipe.
  3. sjpete

    2016 wr450f coolant leak

    At the top of the pump housing is a coolant pass through to the case. As I recall it is sealed with o rings. Of one of the o rings leak not sure if the right cover gasket will catch it. It may be a simple o ring replacement. If it is not leaking oil it may not be a big issue, hard to know without taking right cover off.
  4. sjpete

    2016 wr450f coolant leak

    There is a small hole in the case just below the water pump. When the pump seal fails coolant leaks from this hole. When mine failed it leaked a little when first started cold and then stopped after a minute or two as it warmed up. Check to see if that is the leak source. If so, not a big deal to repair.
  5. Yes I did. It is snug with no defects or signs of dirt leaking through.....
  6. When I rerouted the breather hose, I cleaned the elbow that was connecting the breather to air box. LOTS of dirt came out.... I have no idea where this dirt came from as the tubing was in good shape and well sealed at both ends. No dirt in my valve cover....
  7. Kran, do you have your breather connected to the airbox under the air filter? I took you advice. Plugged the hole in the air box. Routed breather up behind number plate and connected a breather filter to end. Put a loop in it so filter sits vertically with hose going up to prevent water from migrating down to valve cover. Rode 30 miles yesterday. Airbox is pristine. Engine ran noticeably smoother with more power on the low end. Probably because it is now sucking clean air. Checked valve clearances and still in spec, so hopefully no real damage done. Rode about 130 hours with this issue.... If it stays clean after a few more rides I will be convinced problem solved but so far it looks good. Thanks for the advice!
  8. There is dirt INSIDE the elbow fitting. I cannot figure out where the dirt is coming from. Breather tube has no leaks and solid connections at both ends (air box and valve cover). Also no dirt inside the breather tube. I just had the valve cover off and it is spotless inside, no dirt. I am hesitant to put a filter on the case breather in the event I dump the bike in a water crossing. Concerned water could leak into the breather tube and then valve cover. The stock setup is fairly water tight. What type of air filter are you using? Steve mentioned switching back to the stock filter. Appreciate all the suggestions. I am stumped.
  9. Hoping some of the TT experts can help me here. I have been chasing this problem of dust in my airbox for some time now. Using Uni 2-stage filters with Maxima FFT oil. Grease the filter lip. Change filter every 2-3 rides before they become very dirty. Use the same setup on my son's KX250 with no issues so I think my maintenance technique is okay. If you look at the pictures, the dust is heaviest on the left bottom, where the valve cover breather hose connects. I suspect this is the source of the problem/leak. The breather hose is clean, the breather hose fitting at the airbox has dirt in it especially in the elbow. I tried RTV around the airbox-breather fitting which did not help, however the RTV does not stick well to the airbox or breather fitting. Anyone having similar issues? Any ideas on how to resolve?