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  1. pb300

    Thunder Valley

    Closed, maybe open Thurs.
  2. Don't ride with one of these in a thunderstorm. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=80a_1266361838
  3. pb300

    The weird feeling after acl surgery

    What strange feeling?
  4. That was the best dirt I've raced on in a while. Sure missed Jary though!
  5. How's it looking this morning??
  6. pb300

    Gods Speed Jpen

    Goodbye Jary, We love you....................
  7. pb300

    So Why Ain't you Racing this year?

    Just lost my dinner! Thanks.
  8. pb300

    Mental block after big injury......

    ...its kinda pissed me off. haha I guess I need to be called a beotch. OK! BEOTCH!!!!!!!!! Get out and ride.
  9. pb300

    Coffee and riding

    To much will give you arm pump.
  10. pb300

    Fairplay/Como/Indian Mountain

    Can't help it.
  11. pb300

    Fairplay/Como/Indian Mountain

    Lots of great technical single track around Fairplay/Alma/ Breck and Buena Vista. Nothing around Indian Mtn.....
  12. Air compressor set to 120lbs. Then use an air gun and start working in around the inside of the grip.
  13. pb300

    I need your help (pray) thanks

    Saaweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!