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  1. rkeen

    2017 vs 2018

    I have a 2017 701 enduro. There have been zero recalls and I believe zero differences between the 2017 and 2018 701s. The bike is awesome.
  2. Puig Windscreen, Giant Loop guards.... all set for cold weather.
  3. Has anyone tried the rekluse auto clutch on their 701 or 690? I’ve ridden a KTM 250xcw and KTM 350 xcw with the rekluse and I’m not a big fan feeling I don’t need it on light weight woods geared ktm300 xcws etc. The thought here would be the rekluse auto clutch on the 701 would allow me to keep the gearing tall for road riding while not having to slip the clutch on tight trails. I am concerned about reliability since I have my 701 setup for overland trips so any experience with the rekluse would be great! Thanks
  4. Hi folks, Does anyone have a good suggestion for a throttle/lock cruise control for my 701? I have Enduro Engineering hand guards installed. BTW; I have it fitted for overland adventures and need the cruise control for those highway stretches between real action.
  5. Crash bars are from Nomad-ADV and they took about 2 minutes a side to put on. I haven’t done any single track with them on but they don’t seem to be in the way. I do worry that they will be a catch all for small trees. https://www.nomad-adv.com/701-enduro.html
  6. Getting ready for spring adventures!
  7. rkeen

    Carrying extra fuel.

    I’m going with a 2 gallon rotopax on my rear rack for my 701. I cant justify the Rad garage tank mods. I also use the MSR fuel containers although I have found they can leak a little if left in the sun on their side in your tank bag.
  8. rkeen

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro (2017)

    1 comment

    Great so far!
  9. rkeen

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro 2017

    Great so far!
  10. rkeen

    Husqvarna 701 Supermoto 2017

    I really have a 701 Enduro but the ThumperTalk vehicle selector wouldn’t let me choose my bike!
  11. rkeen

    KTM 300 XC-W (2017)


    Great bike once you go to the jd jetting kit. I have a 2015 300 xcw and the 2017 is so much smoother and faster
  12. rkeen

    KTM 300 XC-W 2017

    Great bike once you go to the jd jetting kit. I have a 2015 300 xcw and the 2017 is so much smoother and faster