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  1. I am not worried about knobbie performance on dry pavement, I have had them on my old KLR and they work just fine. Wet pavement is a different thing. I ride aggressively offroad, BUT I also commute to work on the same bike, this is why I even think twice about what I want as front. So far I have had couple instances where I lacked traction on rear wheel with Shinko/Kenda dual sport tire and thus will go with D606 on rear (had it on my klr and liked it), but I haven't felt same problem with front, so I am little surprised about comments that rear is not as important in your cases.
  2. Can somebody explain me advantages of having more aggressive knobbie on FRONT versus dual sport tire? i.e. D606/MT21 vs Shinko 244/Kenda K270? This is purely FRONT tire question. Rear is knobbie and I know benefits of having a good knobbie when things get tough on back, but I am still trying to figure out if having front knobbie is worth sacrifice - less contact patch. It rains a lot here in fall/winter/spring and having front tire washing out in city with hills is a real risk. Just trying to weight benefits vs drawbacks. Bike: DRZ400S
  3. Anybody running one of these two Renthal Handlebars - Jimmy Button or Enduro High on DRZ? #1 How do you like them? #2 Please post some picture!
  4. Where is this? Beautiful!! First two are Squamish Valley, BC, Canada, third is near Chehalis Lake, BC, Canada
  5. lag

    Couple wiring questions

    Thank you! Looks like it has sealed up well with heat shrink tube etc. so I'll not touch it for now. At least I know it is supposed to be this way
  6. lag

    Couple wiring questions

    Thanks. I guess for #2 there are new wires that have been pulled from battery to rectifier, because that red + black white seems to be just sealed off, and there is another positive and ground going from battery.
  7. I am trying to assemble new to me 2001 DRZ 400, but not sure where couple of wires go, help would be much appreciated #1 ground wire from battery, where does it connect (picture would be appreciated): #2 Red and Black/White wire. Appears to be connected inside the shrink wrap? Side stand according to diagram I found should be green and black/white, so not sure what this is. Thanks!
  8. For those interested, here is guy who has 7000 lumen H4 installed: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10155626042321501&id=612381500
  9. Any picture on how it looks like?
  10. Anybody have experience with Cyclops 7000 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb on DR-Z400? https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/7000-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_169.html
  11. I am thinking about going to 14/47 gearing on new to me DRZ, but not quite sure what chain lenght would be a better fit 112 or 114. I have read here that 112 will work, but as I am getting new chain and it makes no difference in price I would like to know if it will fit and have enough slack or am I better off with 114 link chain. I do fair bit of off-road and wouldn't like chain to be too tight. Thanks in advance!
  12. Looking to rebuild rear end of new to me DRZ, but not sure if Pivot Works is worth paying extra or MSR is a good brand as well? Suggestions?
  13. lag

    Opinions on R Tec plastics for DRZ400

    And still nobody has posted any pictures? Any other options if you want ALL WHITE plastics? Acerbis has option of black and yellow (not fully white) as far as I could find.
  14. lag

    DRZ400 E vs S head

    I would assume that what I am referring as hot cams, are actually factory E cams, as it's E engine. But for whatever reason all the shims have Hot Cams marking on them, so I don't know. I haven't very carefully looked at cams itself, BUT is there a marking on them that would say if they are E cams or S cams or Hot Cams?