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  1. I'm 6'3" 210# dressed, I have ridden since 1967. standup, no stop trials, twin shock MX, Enduro and street racing, some AMA racing until the draft. I now like club twin shock trials and trail riding. I ride from the flat lands thru the piedmont and upper foot hills in NC and VA. I do at least one club event each month. As I have added on the years I enjoy riding just for the pure joy but rode advanced lines until hip replacement slowed me down some. I have had several technical oriented jobs in manufacturing, construction and management. I've owned Honda's mostly, both 4 and 2 strokes along with other Japanese two wheelers. I'm the guy in the neighborhood that is asked to make it run again, repair this for me, and at work gets the new processes or detail work. I like working on two stroke small motors it helps me relax from the pressures of work. I make Stirling engines for a hobby. I consider myself to be active and young for my years. My expectation for two TLR's and my two TL's is for them to be dependable and pull like tractors. I might buy a modern Gas-Gas later this spring after our 2nd vacation in Sequatchie, TN.
  2. Green human said, " Install one of my +4mm stroker crank pins in your std crank and a CRF230f high comp piston kit. This will give you a stroke of 65.8 mm in you std '85 crank, stock rod and no cylinder spacer and give 233cc if you go with a 67mm bore kit." Where can I find out more and how to order? See reply to Chuck about using the ATC head with a big bore kit. Thanks, Greenhuman Tim
  3. Chuck said, have used TLR parts for 2 Powroll XR218 builds, the cranks have a larger taper for the rotor than the XR185/200, and the stator is different so those TLR parts are required with the crank. The heavier TLR rotor does make the engine run better for slow gnarly trails. Question: to use the TLR 200 crank/flywheel, I am stuck using the TLR200 ignitor and alternator system? Right? Can I use my kit below with the '84 ATC200x head (bigger valves, bigger fins) with the TLR 200 ignition system and then modify the ATC200x Cam shaft by cutting off the stem for the timing advance/ ignitor. My aim is to increase low end torque, while increasing head/barrel cooling ( without all the oil cooler plumbing) while retaining the stock TLR 200 ignition system. Or is this just a pipe dream? I have the parts, just need to send the head to B&J Racing and come up with a working cam for the engine mod. Another question, what is the best valve seal and guide setup for the temperatures the big bore 200 single engines? Thanks, Chuck Tim https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-TLR200-OE-Honda-BIG-FIN-Cylinder-BigBore-Kit-205cc-67m-Honda/273140417999?epid=647578134&hash=item3f987005cf:g:LjwAAOSwuWJaw3Cg&vxp=mtr
  4. First Question: I have read at least one post here on Thumpertalk that said that 86-87 ATC200x engine parts are different and are not usable on the 83-85 ATC200x..... Is this correct? The reason I am asking a 86 ATC200x crank was offered to me. The bore stroke of the 86 is 65mm x66mm interests me. The engine block codes TB05E match. I'd like to use this crank in a XR/TLR200 engine. If the 86-87 crank uses a longer rod, how did honda fit a 6 speed trans in the 86? Question 2: The sl230/crf 230f engine family, is there any parts usable to build up a XR/TLR/ATC200x engine? Thanks in advance for sharing.
  5. Croatan

    dead cdi in tlr200

    That's what I have a 5 pin xr50/racing CDI with the XR50 performance coil and the xr70 wiring harness on the '87 stock TLR Reflex motor w/ the factory 22mm Keihin rejetted carb and a Feked after market alloy exhaust the throttle rolls up off idle well and it has a snap to the throttle the stock setup lacked, no off idle cough. The stock air box is gone due to fit problems with the Feked exhaust and a bare Uni-filter behind the side cover seems to help the air flow. The difference is profound.
  6. Croatan

    dead cdi in tlr200

    Chuck, I wish I had talked to you before buying a Chinese pit bike cdi. Oh well it was less than $15 shipped. What about a hotter coil from a pit bike which all seem to be in an orange color? One came with the Chinese CDI kit. RL Branson: Classictrials.uk.com and MidAtlantic trials both make mention of the chinese pit bike CDI. Classictrials (Chris Stevens) seems to have about 15 years of experimenting with Honda TLR200's. I find his knowledge as posted on his site and by email quite useful, but a rank amateur like me, even with almost 35 years of owning Honda's, easy to misinterpret. He is quite emphatic that Honda's single 4 strokes like Ford small block engines will perform quite well with a big chunk of change $$$$ invested and not piece mill (Chevy small block) with one or two bolt on parts. In his emails to me he seems to be convinced that the most bang for the buck is a Yamaha TY 175 or Fantic for twinshock vintage trials. Quote" As I said if your budget does not stretch to doing the work on a TLR properly its best to sell it and either get a bike which is more competitive in stock form or something which is less costly to modify. TY175 with a big air box, flat slide carb and dual map ignition is better than a heavily modified TLR. With more work these are good enough to win UK twin-shock championship events............Trying to modify a TLR without the right parts and alterations is an expensive waste of time as the finished bike wont be as good as a well put together totally stock TY175." end quote. $600 USD (shipped) for a RTL type exhaust is out of my budget. I would be OK for club competition with uncorking the Reflex's exhaust and intake. The moral of this is going off half-cocked on bike and engine mods can be expensive with disappointing results. That said I demonstrate my own TLR neurosis by continuing to work on putting a '83 ATC200x motor in a spare Reflex frame for my new play toy.
  7. Croatan

    '74 tl125 plus '84 atc200x engine

    Thanks Chadzu for the heads-up on the different counter shaft lengths and sprocket alignment with the rear sprocket, I measured several motors and compared counter shaft lengths to lower engine cast mount holes, I've decided to go a different way for the ATC200X motor. The picture is a BPS Engineering (France) converted TL125 frame for more ground clearance. Look above the foot peg location and see the extra braces welded in. Their purpose is to brace the frame and solve frame cracking above the swing arm pivot. Stamped frames had this weakness. I cracked a Yam CT-1 frame in the same area back in the 70's. Then the bottom of the frame has been cut away and an aluminum plate is added to make a raised bash plate.(Ala' TLR200) The gain in ground clearance is about 1-1/4"along with steering head geometry changes BPS has made. I've had good luck with longer rear shocks and moving the front shocks up in the triple clamp about 1/4". No cut, no fuss. http://bps-eng.pagesperso-orange.fr/html/products.htm The motor in question is '84 ATC200X which has a extension on the rt side cover (clutch side) for the forward kick start. The TL125 rear brake pivot is in the way of both the '84 ATC200X motor and the '87 TLR200 engines. I dug around and found a '86 Reflex frame that should require less changes to fit the ATC200x motor into a frame. It is fun to go into the back of the tool shed and find stuff I forgot I had like the 97 Beta forks, a jug and head I tagged XL175 back in 1999 and some NOS '74 TL125 parts still in the original cartons. There is also a complete, non-running 71 SL100 back there that I moved up closer to the doors that I might use for the grandson. At ten y.o. it ought fit him just right. The Mrs. says "all your junk", I say good parts stash.
  8. It might be crazy, but I am looking hard at making it fit. 1st the rear brake pivot is in the way of trying to fit a XR200/TLR200 motor. 2nd The right side engine mount would have to be ground back almost into the bottom bolt hole for the engine. 3rd I have the ATC200x wiring harness and components. 4th I like the extra bracing that BPS Engineering shows in the attached picture. The right motor mount might need the addition of a second gusset sistered up to make up for the removal by grinding of the bottom engine mount stock so the bulge on the right side case will fit. 5th The counter shaft maybe longer than the TL125 S or S series engine. So I am checking the difference in the old 125's/ xl175, TLR200 engines I have collected for parts thinking I might try a Mark Wadsford type big bore on a TL125S engine that is sitting on my bench 6th The rear brake pedal is going to need some engineering, The ATC200x has a pedal that pivots on the kick start housing, that doesn't align with the TL125 rear brake rod. It might be as simple as moving the TL125 pivot up 1.25" and rewelding it to the frame. Yes the '84 ATC 200x is forward kick start , has a manual clutch, big Head fins and bigger valves than a TLR200 head. Still sitting the motor in the frame and taking measurements for making templates before cutting metal with the Metabo. Please pray for me. Tim
  9. How did they make it work? The increase in volume of the oil system must also require more pressure to keep the upper end properly oiled. Is there a different oil pump or setup of the oil pump required. How did they pump the flow from the pressure side of the oil pump. Is the return directly to the oil sump? Here is the only picture I have found showing the right side of a RTL250. One hears of 200 series big bores having oil coolers, mainly across the pond, in GB or Europe. I owned a '69 HD Shortster that had external oil lines run to both heads, it was not really successful. I finally went back to a stock setup.
  10. Croatan

    need 60 tooth sprocket/428 for '74 tl125

    I got a oem big fin cylinder( honda 200) from Colin Lee (ebay) from England came with oem piston rings and gaskets about $395 USD shipped https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Tlr200-Big-Bore-Kit-67mm-205cc-HONDA-PARTS-Piston-Kit-Cyl-Gaskets/272977211953?hash=item3f8eb5b231:g:GXcAAOSwux5YUHEe
  11. Croatan

    tl125 60 tooth rear sproket, searching for

    Thank you SOANZ, PBI has already shipped
  12. Croatan

    need 60 tooth sprocket/428 for '74 tl125

    Chadzu, PBI They have already shipped the 428 60 T, Thanks for the link.
  13. Croatan

    Battery Eliminator for 1987 TLR200 Reflex

    Thanks Chuck, I made up a pig-tail with the condenser which was then bolted to the original battery hook up and all of the battery box was removed. I removed the snorkel insert from the airbox and used the back section to hold the wiring w/condenser. Works great, the lights and horn work function like stock. I want to keep this bike street legal to ride from trail head to trail head. I thank you for your help with finding a condenser and your input which got that ungainly battery box off the back of the bike and still allowed me to have front and rear stock running lights/horn. You might be interested in one of my current Honda projects. I am trying to fit a 1984 ATC 200 x motor into a 1974 TL125 K1. I am trying to work through several issues, such as, proper cooling to the head and barrel, fitting a wide ATC motor into the frame and deciding if 428 chain (due to the stock 60 T rear sprocket) is enough to handle the ATC200X engine's output. Do you have any experience with external oil lines and a small oil cooler IE RTL250? I am hope full not to go to this extreme, but the ATC200 did have cowlings on the gas tank to direct air down over the heads. Thanks a million for all your insight and providing me with parts help, Tim
  14. Does anybody know where you can buy new 60 tooth rear sprocket in 428 for a box stock '74 TL125? Hopefully a supplier in the USA, as shipping and currency conversion make parts from England expensive. In the same vein, Does anybody know if I can get a 60 tooth rear sprocket in 520 chain to fit the TL125 rear wheel? I have a '84 ATC200X motor that I might try to put in a rolling TL125 basket case case I've got.
  15. Does anybody know where to buy a TL125 rear sprocket with a 60 tooth count /428 chain? Hopefully in the USA. Shipping cost and currency conversion make purchasing from England expensive. Does anybody know if there is a 520 chain version of the 60 tooth,TL125 rear sprocket? I suspect it would have to be a custom. Your input appreciated. Why 520? I'm thinking of putting a 84 ATC200X motor in a TL125 frame, that currently is a rolling basket case. I am not sure that 428 chain will be a good idea for this type of conversion.