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  1. Torque01

    Heidenau K60 Scout on a 400S

    I'm looking at the K60 scouts as well for drzS. Has anyone used the 90/90-21, 140/80-18 combo? And if so, how did they do?
  2. Torque01

    rims on DRZ400

    On the DRZ 400 S model, it's been established that the optimal wheel configuration is 18/21. My next question to you sages is -- Can you use wider rims than stock issue, front especially?
  3. Torque01

    rims on DRZ400

    As for the "why", I'm trying to achieve more height to the bike. Thanks for your comments. I guess that's not the way to do it...
  4. Torque01

    rims on DRZ400

    Question. Can drz400 be fitted with 21 inch rims front and back?