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  1. kiwixrrider

    front caliper adaptor plate and wheel spacers

    the steel should be 6mm thick apprently
  2. kiwixrrider

    front caliper adaptor plate and wheel spacers

    SBMON .. i have used CBR250RR rims they have twin discs so no need to flip the rims to keep the directional slant correct ... just remove the disc you don't need ! I may not of explained myself clear enough to start with ... what I am after or trying to get info on is the dimensions/design for the brake caliper adaptor so i can make my own.
  3. kiwixrrider

    front caliper adaptor plate and wheel spacers

    Hi Guys, the only file I can find on that link (which I had already found during my initial search for info) is a file for a CAD type program for a laser cutting machine ? have I missed something ? or does anyone know how to convert a dfx file to a readable file ?? cheers JK
  4. kiwixrrider

    front caliper adaptor plate and wheel spacers

    the CBR front wheel already has the adaptor on it, from what I have read on this subject the rotor doesn't need a spacer it's the hub width on the DRZ axle.
  5. Hi all ... Just going thru the process of motarding my 2000 DRZ 400e and I'm in need of the adaptor plate for the front brake caliper and the spacers for both axles please, does anyone have drawings with dimensions so i can make them or even better know where I can buy them from ready to go?? I have a set of CBR250RR wheels ready to fit, just need these final bits and then job done ! cheers JK
  6. kiwixrrider

    XR600R electric start conversion

    can pick up a early to mid 2000's model for around 2500 - 3000K .... might be worth considering ?? i just love the size and feel of the 600R ... oh dilemah's !!
  7. kiwixrrider

    XR600R electric start conversion

    oh man that's what i was afraid of :-( i love the 600R motor because it's quite lively, i was afraid the XRL was a bit tame and you've just confirmed it for me ... bummer !! do you know whether anyone has ( or if it is possible ) to swap a 600R top half onto the 650L bottom half ?? or even this would be worth while ?? cheers JK
  8. kiwixrrider

    XR600R electric start conversion

    right :-(
  9. kiwixrrider

    XR600R electric start conversion

    thanks Bomber but the thing is here in Aussie a good 650L is around $4-$5k !! i picked up the 600R for $2k with a rebuilt motor .. so selling it is still an option but guess I'll just see what pops out of the woodwork while im recovering from surgery ...
  10. hi all, hoping someone here can help me with some advice or info on the best way to set up my 92 XR600R with electric start ?? i've read a few bits and pieces about it and it looks like it's something that has been done before so anything anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. the things i've discovered so far include a kit that can be bought and fitted with a few mods to the 600 engine, swapping the 600 engine for the 650L engine ( i like this idea the most, although the 650L engine is proving very hard to find ) or selling the 600 and buying a 650L ( not keen on this one ) does anyone know if the top half of the 600R engine will bolt up to the bottom end of the 650L ??? seems to be a lot of 650L bottom halves for sale more so than complete engines... the reason i want to do this is that I've ruptured my achielles tendon and can't kick the 600 anymore, but i love this thumper and want to keep her !! look forward to hearing from you all. cheers JK