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  1. BlackGasHD

    Mid 2000's RM or KX 125?

    Thanks man I'll be on the look out for one. Any problems finding parts for the RMs?
  2. BlackGasHD

    Need help please klx engine problems

    What's your issue?
  3. Would like to see some people's bikes if anyone has done this, looking to do this by the end of this year and wanna see how it looks.
  4. Anyone have any past experiences with both bikes? Anything bad about either bike?
  5. BlackGasHD

    2017 SSR125 Build!!!

    Traded it for a blow up rm125 👍
  6. Building my SSR over the winter thought I'd ask what's the best move on forks I could do not looking to buy the most expensive ones just need some clean ones that are not gunna blow out after 2 jumps. Thanks
  7. The start of the budget build on my 2017 SSR 125!
  8. Do the Hinson Clutch covers scratch up and wear out easy? Looking to buy one just don't want it to scratch all to hell after the first ride since it is pretty pricy. Thanks.
  9. Just as the title says, what's everyone's favorite eBay mods for your bikes. I find my self buying quite a few parts on there for cheap money. Might not be the best stuff but it sure is cheap! 👍🏻
  10. BlackGasHD

    250F? What size should I buy?

    I'm about 5'8 all I ride is trails and pits, you'll do perfect on a 250 I used to have crf150r also a few years back, I also went from that bike to a 125 2 stroke then to a crf250r, I love riding 250f's in trails and I think they do great. Some people like setting them up for the trails with some mods but I usually just leave mine how it is and run it and just maintain it, and have had no problems doing that!
  11. BlackGasHD

    250F? What size should I buy?

    I just picked up a 2011 kx250f in awesome shape for 2k, not sure about your area and how much the bikes are but just about any 250 will do you great there's a few with there common issues but just look into the brand you want and find the year you like. Also if you want a carbed bike or EFI, just look into them and get your favorite one. I've always ride Honda and wanted another but the newer Hondas in my area with EFI people wanted over 3k and most were around 4K so decided to go with the Kawi, it's my first Kawi and I love it so far.
  12. Though I'd ask the question on here since I couldn't find what I was looking for online, just bought a 2011 KX250F bike is in really good shape and the valves were just done, got paper work, bikes runs great at idle and at every speed but if you just cruising at a low speed it's runs pretty rough. Also pops and backfires some times after letting of the gas after WOT. Not sure how these EFI bikes are suppose to run since this is my first. Any help would be appreciated thanks!