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  1. Would Love to see a 300cc big bore kit for it to give KTM/HUS. GAS-GAS guys a run for the Money at half the PRICE.
  2. Ha, You stole my bike , She looks like NEW , I'm Looking at a 03 EC 300 My self . I'm looking for infor here to. I'm sure some one will be able to help you out , may take a day or 2 .
  3. Sounding better by the Hour , One more ? or 2 , Can you adjust the power valve to tune , like on the other Brands , Thanks again .
  4. Finely got the search to work , found this Clake clutch in auss , man 750.00 OUCH-OUCH way to much , Did that Moose deal 30 years a go on a suz RS 175 another brand back then did not work at all .
  5. Thanks so far for the info , yea I thought a little high to, did a KELLY BLUE BOOK said 1,995, what about parts , are they getting had to get for this old age bike , the big bore kits sounds nice, Was looking at the ESR 325 big bore Yamaha yz250 also , If I can talk him down to say 2,100 , should not need many upgrades or not ??? So keep the comments coming in please for now. Thanks
  6. Well lets here the good and the bad on this model , for street and trail hook up, 80% trail 20% street use, what mods to do or not . Thanks Maybe a Hair scamble or two throne in the mix, your thoughts and comments ???
  7. Hi and new here , and yes there is one for sale near me , sounds a little high price for the year , it does have oilens front and rear , are parts hard to get for this model and things to look for that break a lot , in need of info , 56 years old ride a xr 600 for the last 8 years , and is there a Big Bore kit to like 325 or bigger . And when I do a search it says try again and script not working .
  8. Hay to All, I got a 96 600, Been riding for 8 years now, I'm 56 and the clutch pull has always been hash , Iv clean lube, bought new cable, still hard pull, can only ride about 2 hours in tight woods, and try to stay away from the harder trails because of the clutch, I try doing a search a couple of times, But nothing comes up on post said script not working and pages freezes up and says try again ???
  9. Ha Joe keep smacking your head you just might Knock Your Self OUT.
  10. Go to Daves Mod in the 250-400 xr section and Scott Summers set up should be in the stickily in this forum for jets and choke plate mod . Hope this help
  11. Hay There Yamahammer , Their is 4 of those 250X on craigelist right now form 4600 to 6800 in the NC area not far from your location , Good Luck .
  12. Yamamhammer , You already have a great Bike , I've been looking for a steel frame to do a hop up on , anyway Just do a ESR Big Bore 325 or 365 Woods Mod , and Get the CDI Box of the 250X and Woalop a New Bike for around 1,000 , Gee I Just save you 7-8 grand . Put a kick stand and 18 wheel on and you got your 325X=365X Woods Weapon. Not a salesman for the kit but do a search in the YZ 2stroke section , been looking at this reel hard myself .