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  1. flesh


    Sounds like smokn ftw. Also, sounds like the most powerful lhrb is smokn/custom using the oem clutch setup? For those of you have have used smokn lever for clutch, works fine? Hard to bleed like brake is?
  2. flesh


    Ya, the question is, has anyone tried the SMOKN LHRB? It's about the same price as Rekluse's but I haven't seen many reviews or heard from anyone who has tried both. Looking at the components it appears that Smokn's are of higher quality, but I have no idea if that's true. Also, the smokn setup allows one to use the clutch lever/reservoir for the LHRB and the smokn lever for the clutch, for those with auto clutch setups. This seems like it would add power. Prices are close enough that all that matters is which is better. I have tried the ox brake in the past and I love the lhrb but it needed a bit more power.
  3. flesh


    Which is better and why? Looking to get one or the other soon. Thanks! Haven't tried either.
  4. flesh

    Cycra Probend CRM Handguards

    If you don't want them moving around, aren't these the best? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1036/60730/BRP-Hand-Guard-Mounts
  5. flesh

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Okay. Is there enough off idle power that you could go from a 50 to a 48 rear without losing any low end and still have more mid for throttle modulation on a long hill and mitigate the low speed gnar issue? Sorry if this is newb just trying to put it in my own language here. Also, I prefer the green spring.... because I don't ever need more top end so this is about more low and mid for me.
  6. flesh

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Curious about low end/dead stop power with the stic. Is there more power when starting on a steep hill? At what rpm is the difference noticed? If you were climbing a steep long hill and were wot and slowed down a bit in gear wo feathering clutch and got back on the throttle in mid range rpm/off pipe is it quite noticeable there? Is it better for hard enduro? Gnar and hill climbs?
  7. flesh

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    Are you running tubliss front and back? I've run two cheaters and on a second motoz arena gummy 120/100 and the gummy is def better for everything. That said, I run the cheater at 6-7 psi and the motoz at 4-5 psi. In both cases I run the lowest psi I can without getting any of the squish feeling on turns.
  8. flesh

    KTM 500cc 2T

    Lol, I'm pretty sure I'll be trying this but I want to wait until it's available on 17+ bikes. It won't be hard to find a cheap 17-18 2t in a couple years.
  9. flesh

    KTM 500cc 2T

    very cool.
  10. I hear what you're saying. My experience is that these little things really add up. Looking at the low end torque on the dyno's between the 300 and 350 and knowing how often I needed that grunt on the 300 and considering the 350 has less down there, it's pretty obvious I need to go down a tooth in the front. I'm more into obstacles, hills, tech, etc than outright speed. Ofc, sometimes, when you get in the flow, speed is what you need.
  11. Cool, well I just bought it. I looked on fmf site and the part numbers for his bike and my bike are the same so....I'll take out the salt shaker on the stock exhaust and keep the spark arrest and use the fc exhaust when I don't need one. 50.00$, not bad.
  12. Pretty simple, you get a screen less exhaust that you can swap for cheap.
  13. Like the title says, a guy is selling his stock 2017 fc450 silencer cheap, are these interchangeable between husky/ktm and between 350's and 450's xcf sxf fc fe etc?
  14. flesh

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    How's the gt216 90/90 compare with the 90/100? Is the height much diff? Foot print the same? Any anecdotes? Haven't tried the 90/90 yet but I also haven't had either of the fatty's I've tried chunk, ever. Maybe I had good batches or maybe it's because I'm light. Just interested in performance characteristics.
  15. Nice. BTW, if anyone has a vortex for a 18 350 or jd tuner let me know. I'm looking to buy. PM me. I spoke with someone at JD, I won't say it was JD because I didn't ask and I don't recall him saying as much. He claimed that the jd tuner would allow for automatic adjustments for a/f ratio like a stock bike for altitude and humidity/temp. I know there's a sensor in the intake tract and IIRC there's one in the exhaust (I still don't have bike). I would think the exhaust is the only place that the ecu could sense a/f ratio's, is this correct? Perhaps the intake sensor could detect humidity/temp/density? I'm trying to figure out if the jd or like actually does in fact make any adjustments a stock bike can. I ride 5-10k feet in the same day often. I suppose if the fuel is held constant, it would just get richer as you went up which might not be so bad assuming it was rich enough in the first place. Regarding the steering stabilizer, I had one that came with the used tx300 I had and used it and moved it to my te300 and decided to take it off one day to see if it was needed. I could only barely detect the difference so I sold it. That may have to do w the fact I was running a golden tyre fatty at 10 psi, I don't know. It's an expensive item to not do much, and heavy. Not sure why people swear by them, maybe if you ride straight sand a lot?