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  1. Lovett

    Cr 125 Fouling plugs

    I recently rebuilt my 2000 cr 125. I put a piston kit, v force reeds and a fmf fatty with shorty. I also cleaned carb and it was spotless. After everything was said and done, I noticed it started fouling plugs pretty frequently. I have 1.8 hours on it currently and have gone through 2 br9eg's and 3 br8eg's. The most recent plug I fouled just going down the road about 30-40mph. Also before I rebuilt it, I noticed it was blowing oil out of the exhaust onto the swing arm and dripping down the silencer. I thought rebuilding it would fix that issue but it is still doing it. I'm clueless at this point any help would be much appreciated. This image is oil the oil that accumulated on the silencer and swing arm since I rebuilt it.
  2. Lovett

    Cr 125 Issues

    I've had a 06 yz 85 and ridden a couple 125's and this bike is just off. This bike has no power in first gear can get it going faster by pushing it down a hill it seems. Thank you tho! I'll add checking the power valve to my list!
  3. Lovett

    Cr 125 Issues

    I haven't bothered to pull the bike apart yet was just seeing peoples input so I might would have an idea of what I would be getting into. But a top end kit is on the parts list along with some new reeds. It currently still has factory reeds so they are probably worn without even having to pull them and look at them. Let's just hope the bottom end is holding together.
  4. Lovett

    honda Cr 125 Issues

    Hello, I'm having a couple problems out of my 2000 Cr 125 that I recently picked up about 2 months ago and wondering if anybody could help maybe point me in the right direction to fixing these problems. 1.) Little to no power in first gear (won't even pull front wheel off ground) 2.) When holding the bike in the powerband it will "kick in and out", out more then in though 3.) The bike is blowing quite a bit of splooge from all the exaust connection points and even dripping on my rear swingarm, I've tried changing my mix ratios from 32:1 to 36:1 to 40:1 and the problem still persist so I just stuck with 36:1 Also can't find an exact answer on what compression the bike is supposed to be running at. I recently compression tested it and it read at about 120. I've read up on these problems quite a lot but everybody says something different, everything from jetting, reeds, top end, ect.. Any sort of lead in direction would be highly appreciated!