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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nySvA3Wb8B8 Hope you guys like it
  2. CraZ DrtRider17

    How is Blue Diamond lately?

    the three tables were the best, and the big step-up, and just.. the whole layout! they took something awesome and ed it all up
  3. CraZ DrtRider17

    How is Blue Diamond lately?

    the track used to be awesome, was one of my favorites... now i don't even know what to say about it. they keep trying, but it feels to me their trying to please too many people instead of the people just trying something challenging.
  4. CraZ DrtRider17

    how is blue diamond?

    im with you!
  5. CraZ DrtRider17

    how is blue diamond?

    i lovvve it!
  6. CraZ DrtRider17

    delmarva still set to go?

    who thinks i should go?
  7. CraZ DrtRider17

    Blue diamond tomorrow?

    i went today, ""SUNDAY""
  8. CraZ DrtRider17

    Flying Dutchman 3/11/07

    who is it for? District 6?
  9. CraZ DrtRider17

    Possible Public track?

    take some pictures of it, like all of it. so we can have a look at it
  10. CraZ DrtRider17

    Blue Diamond Results???

    does anyone know the web site for the guy who was taking pictures that day?
  11. CraZ DrtRider17

    Blue Diamond Results???

    i was there. firat race in 250B, dude i was not used to the speed increase. i havent been on the bike in two months...big mistake. i had a horrible start first heat, ended up dead last out fo the 8 guys in 250B. second heat i was trying to sike myself up and fall into a rythm. i did to some point, i ended up finsihing that race in third. got a 4th overall
  12. CraZ DrtRider17

    Delmarva Series

    No im not mad at all, thank you for telling me because you were right and this will only help me get fatser... Also if you go to blue today to sign up for the race you get a 20 minute free practice:thumbsup: so if you go you'lllll seeeee meeeee:applause: haha like that means anything:bonk:
  13. CraZ DrtRider17

    Delmarva Series

    and to go on with my darryl said he is right, its points divided by races. you have to have atleast ten races. and with all your combined points have an average of atleast 10. now 105 divided by 10. is 10.something but still over ten non the less..... so i am in B this year i hope i wrote that understandable
  14. CraZ DrtRider17

    Delmarva Series

    thanks man, but even if i dont have to be in "B" i think i want to. my goal is to get fast and try to get out of "A" if that can happen. so being in B will only help me... i think:applause:
  15. CraZ DrtRider17

    Delmarva Series

    i will be in the B class