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  1. GrinP

    Drz400s 3x3

    I found it difficult to tune the fuel screw using the trad method of rpms. My clue that I needed to turn the fuel screw out from the recommended 2.5 turns was a surging at 1/4 throttle. Maybe try the screw at 2.5 for a while and see how it feels.
  2. GrinP

    Drz400s 3x3

    Might be a bit lean. I've got my fuel screw at nearly 3 turns out (sea-level, Yosh R2). I'm running the blue needle and would suggest you try it as well (better a bit rich). I think your main jet is correct.
  3. Great vid! and very inspiring. Helps us all push ourselves and our bikes a little further. This is the kind of thing I'm hoping to see in the thread I started called "Pics of your DRZ in action!".
  4. GrinP

    2016 running lean

    Can't say. When I got mine it already had the 3x3 and jet kit installed. Don't know what a stocker runs like so can't advise on whether what you are experiencing is normal/benign or could cause damage (sorry!)
  5. GrinP

    2016 running lean

    Is it possible prev owner did the 3x3 mod but didn't rejet? Is exhaust stock? Maybe just take the plunge and do the 3x3 mod and JD jet kit (everyone does it).
  6. GrinP

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Nice! Where'd you get the Polisport front fender? I'm having trouble sourcing one in Canada. What are your impressions of it? Okay for dirt riding?
  7. GrinP

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Summertime on Vancouver Island. BTW, that's not a sasquatch in the background; just my oversized riding buddy.
  8. GrinP

    Dirt bike won't Start!! HEEEELLLLPPPP

    Confirm kill switch off/on? Clutch lever cut-out switch? Prevents bike from starting if clutch isn't pulled in. Removed mine as they can be a source of problems. Remove switch and jump wires.
  9. GrinP

    Yoshimura RS 2 exhaust

    I just remembered...another clue to why I figured I needed more turns out on the idle mixture was a slight surging at constant 1/16-1/8 throttle while under way.
  10. GrinP

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    What's that headlight?
  11. GrinP

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Whaaaat! Engine still in frame?[emoji3] what's your secret? I need to weigh mine, I've taken off pretty much everything I can.
  12. GrinP

    Yoshimura RS 2 exhaust

    Difference over stock is subtle, not radical, but it's there. Sounds and looks much better too. I started with the fuel screw at 2.5 and had popping under decel (which didn't really bother me) and then one day the weather warmed up significantly and I noticed the bike was much smoother off idle with better initial throttle response. I reasoned that the idle circuit was too lean and so backed the screw out nearly half a turn. No more popping under decel and runs great. I'm using a uni filter.
  13. Anyone run one? I like the idea of additional air flow but do they keep ANY crap off the bike?
  14. GrinP

    Post your YouTube channel

    Who says DRZs can't fly!?
  15. GrinP

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    What fender is that? I like the look.