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  1. Wombat221

    FCR Slant Timing question

    Hey everyone, i was just wondering how do you adjust the accelerator pump timing on the FCR Slant Carbys, Thanks
  2. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    alright i got it to idle half decent again, but it sounds like it wants to stall with the choke but now it runs without choke again
  3. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    Hey mate sorry about the typo i did mean AP not ac.., the bog only lasts for maybe 3-4 seconds and nearly stalls the bike, the AP** starts spraying about half a second after the slide opens and lasts maybe 3-5 seconds. is there a way to adjust the timing for the ap on the Slant Carbys? it will not start without choke even when hot and wont idle without it either. the idle was fine and it started up and idled perfectly yesterday. -45 pilot jet -stock fuel screw set to 2 turns out (have tried 2.5-1 and 1.5 turns aswell 2 seemed to be the best) -i have not checked the float level is there a guide on how to do it? im fairly new to carbs I have removed the snorkel and the restricker in the intake rubber, but i was not aware of the throttle stop. how do i remove that? thank you for your help
  4. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    Hi sorry about that ill try and answer those questions now, thank you for the help -the bike bogs at any speed, it only bogs if i go from closed to full throttle quickly, -im not sure what needle was in it before, it was most likely a stock needle and yes on the 4th position -my ac spray started after the slide was open and only sprayed for about half a second, since then today i have tried doing the "eddie mod" and now it sprays alot longer than 2 seconds. but now im not sure what i have done wrong but the bike will not run without choke and is all over the place in rpm, and is backfiring at idle... and the bike had a slight bog before doing the jet kit, it was pretty unnoticable because of how underpowered it was from the restrictions on it.
  5. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    hi mate. i have tried the 162 main jet today and it still bogs the same that the 168 did. if i take a look at the accelerator pump what should i be looking for that could mean its broken? thanks also i have noticed now it only squirts fuel for about half a second, could this be my issue?
  6. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    Hi mate, Mine is a 2004 DRZ400E, it did have the standard 165 main jet before and and i cant remember if it was a 65 or 45 pilot jet but i replaced everything with what was given to me in the kit, the bogging is only happening when i slam the throttle to full quickly, i think my ac is okay because it never used to do it before i installed the jet kit and it only sprays for about a second like what you said. whats the best way to adjust the fuel screw while the carb is connected to the bike? the starter motor is in the way for me. i have the screw turned to about 2 turns out now, what should i do now?
  7. Wombat221

    Fuel Screw question

    Hey guys i recently rejetted my Kehin slant with the JD Jet kit and opened up my airbox, i have a 168 main jet and the needle for low altitude on the 4th position with the fuel screw currently 2 turns out, the bike runs pretty great now except when i give it full throttle quickly it bogs out for a second, i tried running it with a 2.5 turns on the fuel screw but it would just stall out should i go 2.25 turns out? Thanks
  8. Wombat221

    does this look normal?

    sure is
  9. Wombat221

    does this look normal?

    hope so, im on the verge of selling it for something with power
  10. Wombat221

    does this look normal?

    yeah thats what i thought hopefully the bike goes better
  11. Wombat221

    does this look normal?

    weird i didnt think aus bikes had the restrictors, should i cut it open or na
  12. Wombat221

    does this look normal?

    hey guys after taking the carb off to do the jet kit ive noticed that the rubber bit that sits on the engine looks damaged, is this normal or do i buy a new one? thanks
  13. Wombat221

    DRZ400E 3x3/jetting questions

    Hey all, i have a 04 E model DRZ with the FCR Slant Carb and a Lexx Slip on Exhaust with no baffles, im going to be taking the little boot out of the airbox when my JD Jet kit arrives as well as installing a K&N Air Filter and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on what jet settings i should have, im around 500M elevation aswell if someone can please tell me what needle to use Thank you
  14. Wombat221

    What is this hole on the side of my engine?

    are you from drz owners on facebook
  15. hey guys ive had my drz for about a year and recently the little hole on the left side of the engine has started leaking what looks like oil, ive read it could be a head gasket or something failing but I have no other leaks and the bike still runs fine. can someone please tell me what this hole is for and why its started leaking recently. thank you