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  1. I got an older xl185, and I just picked up a cdi for it. Im kinda a noob so I was wondering how do I swap a CDI? It has the wrong one in it and won't run properly with it. :/
  2. First of all, all of those are good bikes. But from a 150 to a 250 is still a big step up in power. As a crf150 tops out at maybe 95kmh where as my xr250r tops out at 135. Remember don't be afraid to get an older bike. If you are just riding trails I recommend an xr200r or 250r, those bikes are bulletproof and are very good with some pretty good torque, I just picked up an 85' xr250r (DualCarbs) and I use it for trails and racing. But to be honest I would recommend a smaller bike, if you want the power a 2 stroke would be good but are more made for racing, my friend however has a 1991 kdx 200 and that is a good trails bike. Personally I would recommend a xr200r or a crf230.
  3. Not yet, I an replacing the cdi right now. I will check it after
  4. So I got an xl185 (4 stroke Honda) which I bought in the summer. Bike had a very poor electrical job and the wrong cdi. It used to start up first to third kick. Now it doesn't. I was playing around on it today for a good hour trying to get it started and once I did, It osunded like there was a rattling/clanking in the engine head. My mechanic said that the bike had low compression and needed the new CDI (As I took it to him when is wasn't running). I read an article by a guy called the motorcycle mechanic saying that it could be one of 3 things and I could test it with oil in the chamber, and seeing if the compression changes. Is the sound caused by low compression? Would it be okay to leave it if I am selling the bike? Also It is harder to kick when gas and choke is on rather than when it is not. UPDATE: Bike sounded fine a few months ago and kicked about the same (Had some resistance)
  5. looking at buying 1984 Xr250 rfvc has a broken cam chain, is the bike interference or not?
  6. Cam chain broke, so I need to replace that, plus possibly sprockets and rebuild the head to make sure no damage was done to that so I may need some parts from the head
  7. The bike chassis is from 1984 and the original engine in it was a 1984 xr200r engine (RFVC) and the 250 engine is also a 1984 Xr250r (RFVC) engine
  8. So I am rebuilding my 1984 xr200r dirt bike, but it has an xl185 engine on it, which i have a 1984 xr200r engine which needs some work done, like new cam chain. I found out that the xr250 RFVC and xr200 RFVC in 1984 shared the same frame and I am putting the 250 engine in the bike however it is not running and I would rather not spend too much on parts, I found a guy selling a bunch of parts from an xl250 and I was wondering if I could use parts from that for the xr250 engine? Is there a big difference between the two? the xl and xr engines are both rfvc
  9. So I bought a 1984 xr200r dirt bike with an xl185 engine in it (Dual carb frame) and I found a rfvc 250 engine for sale cheap near me and I was wondering if it is possible to fit the 250 engine in the 200 frame.
  10. Anyways so I got a 1985 xr200r RFVC, and I have heard that the oil really overheats and in some cases people have had their bike (Rarely) go up in flames, however I don't want to take any chances and I heard that there is a way to put on some sort of oil cooler... How do I do it??
  11. If you dont mind getting shipping quotes that would be great.
  12. Okay i am new to thumper talk. So not sure hoe mainly cuz im on my phone. The bike is currently not running and has a cracked frame but i got a mechanic working On it rn so its at a shop then i am going to get it welded. If yo go to my instagram @spezza_125 you will see videos and picture of it running. I am from hamilton ontario. P.S bike engine is smaller than the actual bikes normal engine therefore I will add money because the bike cant be jumped. If you want to trade that is
  13. If by norcal you mean north California? And would you be willing to ship/ crate it for a bit extra?
  14. I went to service ontario, $80 a year there are some other places too
  15. Looking for a 1984 xr200r engine (dual carb) or the whole bike for sale... runnin or not will trade xl185 or pay $1500 looking for one in canada or northern america