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  1. spezza-125

    Throttle sticking

    So I got an issue with my 85' xr250r. I went out to the track a few weeks ago and it was doing great. I did a check up before I went on the track and noticed a kink in my throttle cable, well one of them. Anyways when out there on the track I would hit some big jumps and after landing the throttle cable would stick. Luckily I didn't have any crashes due to it. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? P.s it is the twin carb model (Two cables)
  2. spezza-125

    Xr250r restore

    So I am looking to restore my 1985 honda xr250, Currently it has a few issues, and some things I would like to touch up. One of the issues is that the bike smokes, a lot... It is pretty much a two stroke, and so I replacing the piston and rings, but does anyone know if I need to do a complete motor pull, or if I can replace it in the frame? I know Honda was pretty weird about bikes this way during that time. Also would there be any good way to paint certain parts? Like my exhaust pipes for example are very rusty and look like they need a touch up.
  3. spezza-125

    Why is my bike smoking?

    yes it is, If you follow me on instagram : Spezza_125 you will see it. However, I was told by the previous owner that the piston and rings did need replacing.
  4. spezza-125

    Why is my bike smoking?

    Hi, So I just picked up an RFVC xr250r for only $850 canadian, It looks and runs great! Only issue is... it smokes... a lot. I was going to replace the piston and rings but then I noticed oil on the top of the head. So this made me think, where is the oil actually leaking from?/burning oil from? I will try to put up pictures soon. Update: By the way, the bike has lower compression than should be normal? Im not sure what default is, but it seems low.
  5. The thing is, these newer bikes don't last a long. You got it for a decade and the value will drop quite tremendously. Older bikes like the xr's for example are bulletproof bikes. Personally I would buy a "New" (Mint condition) Xr or bike like that, ride that and keep it in good condition and the value will hardly decrease. I just bought an rfvc xr, and these bikes will keep going and not loose value if you keep them well maintained.
  6. spezza-125

    85 and 84 rfvc?

    What was the difference between the 84’ and 85’ xr250’s? I know there were some improvements, but I ma not sure what that was
  7. Hi there, So I am starting racing with a new bike, 1985 (rfvc) Xr250r. This bike is a race bike, however I was wondering how to keep it cool as it is air cooled, now the oil I use doesn't tend to overheat too fast however after a full day of racing i'm sure it will. How can I install an oil cooler? I have read article about people modding the xr200r (Rfvc) to have one. But not how to do it... So How do I do it?
  8. spezza-125

    Seat height 1985 xr250r?

    What is the seat height on a 1985 xr250r?
  9. spezza-125

    How do I swap a CDI?

    I got an older xl185, and I just picked up a cdi for it. Im kinda a noob so I was wondering how do I swap a CDI? It has the wrong one in it and won't run properly with it. :/
  10. spezza-125

    Need help deciding

    First of all, all of those are good bikes. But from a 150 to a 250 is still a big step up in power. As a crf150 tops out at maybe 95kmh where as my xr250r tops out at 135. Remember don't be afraid to get an older bike. If you are just riding trails I recommend an xr200r or 250r, those bikes are bulletproof and are very good with some pretty good torque, I just picked up an 85' xr250r (DualCarbs) and I use it for trails and racing. But to be honest I would recommend a smaller bike, if you want the power a 2 stroke would be good but are more made for racing, my friend however has a 1991 kdx 200 and that is a good trails bike. Personally I would recommend a xr200r or a crf230.
  11. spezza-125

    Low Compression 4-stroke

    Not yet, I an replacing the cdi right now. I will check it after
  12. spezza-125

    Low Compression 4-stroke

    So I got an xl185 (4 stroke Honda) which I bought in the summer. Bike had a very poor electrical job and the wrong cdi. It used to start up first to third kick. Now it doesn't. I was playing around on it today for a good hour trying to get it started and once I did, It osunded like there was a rattling/clanking in the engine head. My mechanic said that the bike had low compression and needed the new CDI (As I took it to him when is wasn't running). I read an article by a guy called the motorcycle mechanic saying that it could be one of 3 things and I could test it with oil in the chamber, and seeing if the compression changes. Is the sound caused by low compression? Would it be okay to leave it if I am selling the bike? Also It is harder to kick when gas and choke is on rather than when it is not. UPDATE: Bike sounded fine a few months ago and kicked about the same (Had some resistance)
  13. looking at buying 1984 Xr250 rfvc has a broken cam chain, is the bike interference or not?
  14. spezza-125

    1984 XL250 parts with 1984 xr250?

    Cam chain broke, so I need to replace that, plus possibly sprockets and rebuild the head to make sure no damage was done to that so I may need some parts from the head
  15. spezza-125

    rfvc 250 engine in xr200 frame

    The bike chassis is from 1984 and the original engine in it was a 1984 xr200r engine (RFVC) and the 250 engine is also a 1984 Xr250r (RFVC) engine