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  1. Wally63

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    In 2014...
  2. Wally63

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    So Tomac tweeted out he got a flat about the tenth lap. That's what I thought!
  3. Ummm...you do realize that none of those names you dropped work for Yamaha right?
  4. The only people who could afford a no weight rule would be the factories. It would take an amazing amount of money for a privateer to try and compete with the factories on weight.
  5. Wally63

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    That uncle that constantly moves the goal posts or states things like "Webb spanked Roczen".... when he won by half a wheel. Yeah that guy.
  6. I just think it's great that all the paid riders in this sport love the bikes they ride on. It completely amazes me that all the factory hired riders love the factory bikes they are paid to ride. You would think that one of the factory sponsored riders in this sport would not like the factory bike they are paid to ride, but nope, every body loves their respective bikes....What an amazing thing!!
  7. 5%. Webb obviously put a lot of weight into that 5%. Also the weight of the two different class bikes, the power of the two different class bikes, etc, etc....has nothing to do with brand of bike. Two completely different bikes. Do you weigh 150 pounds? Have you ridden a 250 and a 450 back to back? Two completely different worlds my friend.
  8. Probably not. Or at least the other factories would definitely have an issue with that. It's easy to add weight in many ways though.
  9. Wally63

    The Webb Wagon

    puff puff cough....5% factor.
  10. What did Yamaha do to the just out of the 250 class, I'm the greatest in the land, not grown up yet, Webb? Tell him to have a whiny pouty bitch attitude? Tell him to blame everyone and everything but himself? Tell him to not put 100% into his fitness? No Webb did those things to himself. Obviously no one at Yamaha was gonna tell Webb what to do except for Webb himself. I guarantee you he had a rude awakening when he got to the 450 class and because his maturity was so poor he blamed everyone but himself. After him acting like that I think Yamaha was done and there was no repairing that relationship. A change was definitely in order. Webb getting into the Baker Factory and especially Webb taking responsibility for himself is the difference here.
  11. Wally63

    The Webb Wagon

    It aint the bike. Webb changed his ways, his attitude, and is now in shape. An now has confidence because of it. Remember the last time he had confidence? A serious threat. An now he realizes he can win this thing. Good for him and the team and I hope they keep it going. Lots of racing left.
  12. Makes sense. Add the weight as low as possible. Would have been genius to design the tape to fall off mid moto.
  13. Wally63

    Arlington 250 SX Monster Energy Girl

    Anna anna bo banna, banana fanna fo fanna, me my mo manna...Anna???
  14. Wally63

    The Webb Wagon

    It aint the bike.