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  1. Closest volunteer fire department to me is 323 miles, this will be a difficult one.
  2. Where is that trailhead? I have lived in Vegas all my life and have never heard of this place. Awesome videos.
  3. Definitely will do. Should be in on Friday and will do over the weekend. It’s about 110 here for the next week so I’ll have some real world heat experience as well. I also have a trail tech voyager so I have a digital temp gauge.
  4. I think you are onto something with that. I have a hummingbird feeder right outside of my front window and have a great view. Whenever one is feeding and another one comes around it chases the other away. Only one time have I seen two hummingbirds feeding at the same time.
  5. Ordered myself some Evans waterless coolant and prep fluid. Should be here on Friday. Does anyone have any experience with it? This will be my first time running it but have heard nothing but great things. https://www.evanscoolant.com
  6. I also do like to rip it through canyons though. Not any tracks near me and don’t really have the budget for track days yet.
  7. I think if the wheel has spokes than it’s got a tube. I have looked long and hard for a way to run tubeless on my sm wheels. There is a seal your spokes method and the actual tubliss system. I have yet had the gumption to do either. Seal method makes it very difficult to adjust your spokes and both require you to drill out the hole in the rim for a tubeless valve. I guess he could have got some of these sweet wheels. I would if I have the money. https://motoxindustries.com/product/warp-9-tubeless-forged-wheels/
  8. You can plug a tire with a tube?
  9. Beautiful home and property. I can’t get enough of all those trees.
  10. Holy hell those are some beautiful vehicles.
  11. I subbed everyone, nothing like a little sub fest. I am in Vegas and that’s not too far. So if any of you guys find yourself in the area shoot me a PM and we can go ride.
  12. Mt Charleston, just outside of Las Vegas.
  13. Next challenge, your DRZ in front of a boat.
  14. That rattle snake looks tasty and would make a nice mount on my wall in the garage. The next time my buddy and I go rattle snake hunting we are going to leave the head on an ant hill for a few days so we can have the skull.
  15. Next up, your DRZ with one of your pets in the picture.