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  1. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 - tuning help

    that was the OP, not me I order by mail so can be anything
  2. Tahoe Gator

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    The difference in weight between a 175cc and 250cc is practically zero. There is no inherent reason that a 175 would be any lighter than a 250 unless the designers chose a lighter frame, suspension parts, etc. The engine weight differences would be immaterial.
  3. Tahoe Gator

    2019 YZ250FX vs 2018 KTM 350XC-F

    There is some truth BushPig’s post. I have a YZ250X and my daughter has a TTR50 and so naturally sometimes I find myself putting around after after her. My boys have TTR 110 and 125 bikes so I get to a go a bit faster with them. And then when I’m by myself, well, then the monster gets to breathe a little bit. The X has no issue lugging around at near idle speed. And it has all I could ever ask for when I so I desire.
  4. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 - tuning help

    okay so which one?
  5. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 - tuning help

    I took college level chemistry for engineering. I will interpret this post that I should just stick with Yamalube R because it seems to already work. One less worry about in life is a good thing!
  6. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250X little refresh what to do

    FWIW I have the RK Tek head in my ‘18 X. I measured my OEM head squish at 0.105” and the RK Tek head ended up being 0.047”. For me, the RK choice was also influenced by not wanting to go without a head and not being able to ride.
  7. Tahoe Gator

    Power Jet #40

    Nice. But you’re off formula. The recipe is 45/175/40/N3EW-3 should work at your elevation and temps try that and compare
  8. Tahoe Gator

    Tahoe Area DS loops

    If you are into fly fishing, I might have a fun idea for you: there is a fish and wildlife hatchery lake called Hobart on the east side of Tahoe near Washoe that you can “almost” get to by fire road, from the Washoe side. Eventually you hit a sign that says no more motorized vehicles. You’ll need to either disregard or walk the final mile or so. The trout are small, but they are hungry and you can catch them to your heart’s content. All you need is a collapsible rod, net and tackle, and something suitable on your feet for the time of year. My intel could be out of date, so be sure to research stocking level before undertaking! Dropped Pin near Hobart Creek Reservoir, Nevada 89703 https://goo.gl/maps/UwHjkLq5nkm Other things to do: - trails around “Prison Hill” near Carson City - Virginia City (Geiger Grade is a road to remember) - Ride to various ghost towns (google should help or ask locals) - Dinner at the Pink House in Genoa - truly epic mountain biking on the Tahoe Rim Trail — Kingsbury to the “bench” and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride are the two best google all of these as some could be dated
  9. Tahoe Gator

    How to make the 16 450SX-F lighter?

    sprockets must be a waste of money for weight saving rotational is where it’s at...there is a reason cyclists spend thousands on carbon wheelsets tire yes but maybe research rims or whole wheelsets to see if there are good solutions that don’t sacrifice durability too much (cannot lose weight without some sacrifice) or get your drill out and start drilling holes in everything! https://www.dragstuff.com/techarticles/weight-reduction.html
  10. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 - tuning help

    I must be missing something running Yamalube R at 32:1 for woods riding. Not sure how much smoke there is. Too busy looking forward. Maybe I should try one of those “low flash point” premix oils. Maybe my silencer is going to be a morass of unburned oil when I get around to repacking it (or maybe opening it up here and there has been in my favor). Then again, I cannot recall a post of someone regretting running Yamalube in terms of longevity. And as simple as it sounds, running my can and tank to empty to switch isn’t so easy without lawn machines to burn it in. That said, “never know unless you try” I guess.
  11. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 - tuning help

    Am I missing something that pointing a propane torch into a silencer full of kerosene seems like a dangerous idea?
  12. Tahoe Gator

    Considering the X

    I can report same 2 to 1 finding neutral mis-shift when I first got my ‘18 X and in fact I posted a thread asking about it. I’ve learned to simply shift a bit more firmly and it happens somewhere between not at all and maybe once per ride. Breaking in my Gaerne boots probably helped too :-) Re jetting just lookup Klinger 317 power jet 40 and do that.
  13. Tahoe Gator

    Mountain Bikers, check in here

    #snowbike photo in Bentonville just got back
  14. Tahoe Gator

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    I echo the love for the SG12. I love them so much I wish they would work with snow skis they are so comfy. I would consider wearing my bicycle helmet instead of my dirt bike helmet before changing boots. Order 0.5 sizes down if you go Gaerne.
  15. Tahoe Gator

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    Here’s why: so you can start enjoying it now rather than waiting to save the cash to buy it. Life is short. I remember chatting with some woman on an airplane flight years ago and she goes on and on about her and her husband’s dream of buying a sailboat but how he was adamant to never finance anything so they had been saving for years in hopes of buying one. I was thinking: all these years you could have been sailing! So long as you do so responsibly, no harm in financing if it brings you your dream — home, car, sailboat, Rzr, whatever — sooner so you and your loved ones can enjoy such more during the short time we have on this earth. Now if your point is who would pay $30k for a Rzr, there you have me. But to each their own.