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  1. The logo on the shroud is a family logo! Like you, I have tons of stickers from various brands. But I opted to just put digital versions (found on Google image search) into the Motocal design templates. The decals they send you are way more durable than those you get from manufacturers.
  2. Tahoe Gator

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    I concur. Money where mouth is... I am in the process of installing these as we speak (type). I say “in process” because I did just one side last night. I was surprised by the force required to tap the threads! The tap was too big for my T-handle (which would’ve been a waste of time anyway given how small it is) so I used a 10” open end wrench, with lube, backing it up every 1/5th of a turn (about as far as I could turn it). Gloves to spread the force on my palms might’ve helped. I ordered a “socket to tap” adapter so I can use my 24” torque wrench for the other side!
  3. Tahoe Gator

    Triple clamp hand guard mount

    That is a sweet looking setup. Do you have that on your bike? If so, how well do the sub-mount elastomers work? I guess it also solves if you want a steering damper and want to keep the bars (and pad!) above it. https://www.shopbrp.com/yamaha/product/2350-brp-rubber-mounted-sub-mount-09-13-yzf-250-450-w-oem-tc.html
  4. Tahoe Gator

    Skid plate for moto

    TMD retry +1 Tip: when trying to put the front screws into the block that wedges behind the frame, first put two screwdrivers through the holes in the plate into the screw holes on the block. Take one screwdriver out and install the screw. Then the second. Way faster/easier for me that way.
  5. Tahoe Gator

    Rekluse Setup Advice for YZ250X

    I am installing a Rekluse in my 2018 YZ250X and would be grateful for any install/setup advice specific to my bike / Rekluse model / objectives. *** DISCLAIMER *** I do NOT wish for this to be Rekluse thread #244 debating auto clutches yet again. I’ve read all the love-hate threads and have decided that with Rekluse’s 30-day no questions asked return policy, I’ll just try it and see for myself. Thus the decision to try it has been made. So not looking for “if” advice but rather hoping for some “how” advice. Objectives (I think, since I have never tried a Rekluse): To get as close to OEM feel as is possible, especially: - fanning the clutch - lugability - engine braking (remember the disclaimer...going to try it regardless!) Bike/Mods (that might be relevant): - 2018 YZ250X - GYTR flywheel - Righteous Stunt clutch “shorty” lever (http://www.righteousstuntmetal.com/domestic/levers.html) Riding: Mostly woods singletrack; trail riding with my kids; tiny bit of track. Rekluse Parts: Radius CX* Rekluse LHRB** *I heavily debated the Z-Start Pro on account of a few posts saying they prefer it, but opted for “latest/greatest” (if big mistake, box is unopened) **I figured why not try the full monty within the 30-day guarantee window? From what I’ve read, success does come down to proper setup, so any advice on getting the clutch and/or LHRB just right for a YZ250X per above would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Can you fit 3 ATVs and a bike on that? How big are the ATVs? Not saying cannot, just making sure you have measured that you can.
  7. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 woods AND MX machine - possible?

    Why so? What if price was no object? You wouldn’t take the latest greatest Radius CX?
  8. Tahoe Gator

    YZ250 woods AND MX machine - possible?

    Just curious and excuse if naive, but why does 1” less on the rear wheel matter so much? It lowers the rear a bit, but what, 1/2 inch? Is it just that? And what is the benefit? Lower seat height? To make the head tube angle more slack? What’s the big benefit? And I’m a bit more curious as I just put an IRC M5B size 130 tire on my X and for sure it’s bigger (yes wider, but also a bit taller) than OEM and so wondering if I’ve made a mistake with that tire choice?
  9. Tahoe Gator

    19 YZ250X Clutch Cable

    Mine is same. Won’t easily roll in gear when cold even if clutch pulled all the way. Now that I have a Righteous Stunt clutch lever, same or even more so. No biggie to me. That’s what neutral is for.
  10. Teflon tape as in like plumber’s tape?
  11. Tahoe Gator

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    only way you are getting a YZ to 300 cc is to buy a YZ 250 and also buy a PW50 at same time :-) actually, 2020 would be good by me because it’ll take until then to finish all the mods on my 2018 and I can start all over LOL
  12. Tahoe Gator

    KYB SSS oil change & Zeta fork cap install...any tips?

    Good catch. The Tusk tool is not going to work on the Zeta caps. Anyone have a suggestion that isn’t a $40 tool?
  13. Tahoe Gator


    Might head there this weekend so will be curious to find out before. Now if you could just get them to table-top the jumps on at least one — any one — of the MX tracks so my sons could learn without risking life and limb on the step up jumps, you’d be my hero.