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  1. There doesn’t seem to be much activity on here from our state, which is to bad because there is tremendous opportunity for the sport along with resources and potential economic growth for communities that need it. NH has several big events that help promote the use of responsible land use, MX, ATV.
  2. Engine started a tapping noise so I shut it down. When i tried to start it again, it kicked over hard and would not start, just an occasional backfire. So i pulled the valve cover to verify timming and noticed at tdc the flywheel mark was clockwise one tooth when the cams and valves were at tdc. This explains the difficulty kicking over and the tapping noise before i shut down. The chain did seem a little slack also.
  3. With the timing marks at the cams positioned to tdc and verifying the cam lobe positions, i noticed the mark on the flywheel was clockwise, one tooth. Question, can i just loosen the timing chain and rotate the crank back to tdc counter clock wise one tooth so the crank and cam marks are back aligned? After i replace the chain.