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  1. Pearl Beach

    Crf 100 carb screw

    I do have a parts carb from XR80R. If it's same as 100 carb and yours, I'll mail the screw to you, free.
  2. Pearl Beach

    Chinese engine to swap into an XR 100 frame?

    Ya didnt read mine, didya, Says we can cut and weld
  3. Pearl Beach

    Clones anybody?

    Vintagemx, Wish I'd seen this earlier. Was hesitant to buy a used engine off ebay, but ran across a complete head and took a chance on it. Not delivered yet
  4. Pearl Beach

    Clones anybody?

    I ended getting a complete head/cam/rocker/valve assy. Hope it's OK. This is for a barn ignored find that my son's mother found for him. The more we dig, the more we find (trashed). I just want it running for a while with his help. He sees what has gone wrong. I do old mercs here, and the bike thing was in my past until lately. I make Mercs run like clockwork. I love Mercs, but I never got too involved with cycles. Had two bikes, but now I am 58 yrs old and I like Mercury outboards better. I've had them since birth and can bench most of them here before 4cycle and fuel injection. It's just my upbringing. We live on Lake St. Clair and I've just grown up on Mercs
  5. Pearl Beach

    Clones anybody?

    I don't need resale, my kid wants to ride, that's all Didn't know there was a chinese section. Thank you
  6. Pearl Beach

    Clones anybody?

    Head/cam assembly was worked over by amateurs
  7. Pearl Beach

    Clones anybody?

    Where can I buy a clone xr100 engine to put in my xr80r frame? Lifan no longer sells vertical type.
  8. Pearl Beach

    Chinese engine to swap into an XR 100 frame?

    Where can I buy a clone engine for xr80 frame? Larger displacement OK if motor fits easily enough. We can cut and weld here
  9. Looking for cyl head complete xr80r, or big bore with appropriate complete head assy.