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  1. Pablo-75rus

    I got my neck brace today!

    Leatt-Brace sells GPX Sport for registered Dakar 2007 competitors for $433.95 After spending $70K for the Dakar 2007 (bike, payments, transfers and mechanic ) I'm still thinking
  2. Pablo-75rus

    Steering damper?

    I have Scotts damper installed on my WR. Now I can't realize how I lived without it For sure you can use it on YZ, especially for desert.
  3. Pablo-75rus

    YZ 450 Upgrades

    P-3 is good. I've bought 55 mm raisers and life has changed
  4. Do any of you guys know where can I find glide plate with watertank and toolbox for my WR450F coming soon? I know YMF is selling Dakar kit containing this stuff, but this kit is a bit overpriced (14000 Euro)
  5. Pablo-75rus

    03' 450 Hard to start when very cold??

    We here in Russia have motos until 5 degrees (Fahrengeit). I have standard jetting and my city is located 3000 ft above sea level. I have a piece of good advice for you. When it's cold, open the fuel tap, pull the choke and... roll the throttle 2 or 3 times. After that kick it. I bet it will start after first or second kick. When I was told that hint, I was amazed how simple things can work. The secret is that you make the fuel mix richer.
  6. Pablo-75rus

    Speed Odometer & Trip Meter

    GPS is awesome but if you ride really hard the problems with it are possible. So to be sure you must use tripmeter. If you plan to take part in serious cross-country events the bulletproof solution is ICO Tripmeter. It seems that this is de facto standard for rally use. I like Trailtech also but, correct me if I'm wrong, it hasn't handlebar buttons that you can use to correct the readings. And without this feature Trailtech is useless.
  7. Pablo-75rus

    Vibration question?

    ProTaper bars and ProTaper or Renthal Soft Grips are the key to kill vibration and arm pump. But the factor of more training is even bigger. 3-4 motos and you forget about arm pump.
  8. Pablo-75rus

    WR450F Rally Tuning

    At last! Japanese mechanic who helped me much in my first rally, his name is Katsumi Ishihara, gave me this information: The big fuel tank which was mounted on #20WR450F was Australian product. "R & V Aqualine"manufactures it. <enquiries@rvaqualine.com.au> This manufacturer doesn't have the WEB site. The tank capacity is 25 liters. The image is on this site. http://www.we-love-adventure.com/~ohplus/index_products.php So if anybody need it, I've already ordered one and later will tell all interested what it is
  9. Pablo-75rus

    Alpinestar tech 10 V.S Garena SG -10's

    I can't tell anything about SG10, but I have very bad feedback about Alpinestars Tech 10. I had mine for less then a season. They look as piece of s@#t and the pivoting system on low back of boot is broken on both boots. They are very comfortable though, but for such amount of money I expected more
  10. Pablo-75rus

    WR450F Rally Tuning

    I will wait for your belgium link
  11. Pablo-75rus

    WR450F Rally Tuning

    Hi everybody! After 3000 km on Gobi desert in 2005 Beijing-Ulaanbaatar Rally I plan to by my own '06 WR450F. I found great brand for cockpit stuff (roadbook holders, tripmeters etc.) - Touratech, but maybe there is something cheaper? I saw japanese guy on '05 WR250F with huge Acerbis tank (approx. 20 liter), 2 headlamps and wind deflector, but there was no time to ask him about specifications Maybe some of you guys know where and what to order?
  12. Pablo-75rus

    Header Guard

    Couple years ago I bought Big Gun exhaust for my YZ400F. Damn I didn't know about TT then and ruined a couple of nice racepants with really hot header pipe Thank you TT, it's better later than never
  13. Pablo-75rus

    best place to find oem parts?

    Just type "oem parts finder" in Google. WAAAY many results
  14. Pablo-75rus

    Looking for YZ400F pipe

    I have had Big Gun on my YZ400F too, but not quiet. Maybe try race insert?
  15. Pablo-75rus

    plastic polish

    You can try PC Racing Plastic Renew. But it works the same way - you have to put additional layers of this shit to fenders every two or three motos.