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  1. Thorgautr

    Oil injection removal

  2. Thorgautr

    Oil injection removal

    MOTUL from 25-1 to 50-1 MOTOREX from 40-1 to 60-1 AMSOIL SABER from 80-1 to 100-1
  3. Thorgautr

    Oil Injection Rejection

    If you don't mind, how did you do that???
  4. Thorgautr

    Oil Injection Rejection

    Its too late for me, but I was thinking about that oil injection every day, that I have to remove it, well right now I'll have to fix my ride and started premixed ,way more safe than failure OI !!!!
  5. Thorgautr

    Oil Injection Rejection

    From the beginning, I wasn't sure if this OI system is safe !!!! And like I thought isn't !!!!
  6. Thorgautr

    Oil Injection Rejection

    2017 Beta 300rr 70h on it OI failed , I hope this oi system is under warranty!!!! Right after bike Will be fixed , I'm gonna buy delete kit and started to premix !!!! I'm really disappointed on this oi system