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  1. Here it goes; in my opinion, the Yamaha WR450F and the WR250R are the same bike. I know, that's insane right? I think that both of these bikes are the perfect definition of a dual sport motorcycle or 50/50 bike and what separated these two bikes is which side of the 50 they are coming from. Power train: One of the biggest differences between these bikes is the displacement, 250cc and 450cc. While the WRR has a smooth, fuel sipping and relatively docile nature to it, the WRF is a fire breathing gas chugging locamotive of a trail weapon. What makes these bikes so similar is that each bike is deal for one of the sides of the 50/50 spectrum. Both bikes are insanely reliable, both are fuel injected but the F has a YZ race bike inspired motor while the R is derived from the R1 sport bike mill. Suspension: There is really not that much of a difference here, both are excellent right off of the show room floor with one being lighter spring for longer trips in comfort and one being stiffer for racing hare scrambles. Chassis: As far as trail manners go, I think both bikes are the best amongst the Japanese dual sports and almost on par with the more expensive euro bikes. While the F has no subframe, is 40 pounds lighter and is longer and lower, the R has a full subframe with a higher carrying capacity, passenger foot pegs, and a helmet lock. Experience: Both of these bikes will put a smile on your face from the 2 stroke esque power band feel of the 250 to the mighty torque and mid range hit of the 450. Someone doing huge cross continent trips would want to pick the 250 for it's longer service intervals and comfort while people who do light commuting at speeds under 60 and lots of trail/ Enduro work would prefer the F. What's interesting here is that you could switch the two bikes and adapt them for the other's purpose and I believe they would both still Excell. The bottom line is they both cost around the same street legal, they both are incredibly refined and relaible, and are both the best dual sport bikes if our time.
  2. Just received this in the email after waiting for shipping for 2 months from turkey. They are for sale on eBay for 89 bucks shipped and look to be a really high quality product. I'll do an install and review later int he week on my blog. Definitely worth checking out as there aren't many affordable options and this one seems to be the ultimate adv style screen.
  3. Thought I share my own personal of on the topic of my bike, rides, and mods. Also going to post stuff there about my THAT trip coming up this spring. https://eastcoastdualsport.wordpress.com
  4. evancgorz


    Probably wouldn't hurt to try, maybe also moving the fuel needle up a notch to adjust the fuel flowing in as well. Do one thing at a time and check to see what works best. Ideally, the bike should need the choke to start cold and run great with it off when warm.
  5. evancgorz

    whats the secret to maintain a white sm ?

    I've always used turtle was spray after every washing and it keeps the white on my WR clean. Also use Mr clean eraser for removing scratches and stains.
  6. evancgorz


    Popping, glowing pipe, running with choke means you are running it lean. Richen up the jetting and you'll be good to go. That's why the choke works, all a choke does is richen up the mixture.
  7. evancgorz

    2017 CRF250L Clunky Upshift

    Run 10w40 Motorcycle oil and you will be fine. These transmissions are bullet proof and with that few miles it may still be braking in.
  8. evancgorz

    To Loctite or not to Loctite

    To remove a loctite sprocket, heat the sprocket a little bit and use a gear puller.
  9. evancgorz

    To Loctite or not to Loctite

    Summary: The tolerances between the c/s sprocket and shaft are too large and cause premature wear to failure. Upon noticing it being loose, one is inclined to re torque the nut to tighten the sprocket. In reality, the spline wear is causing the movement NOT the nut torque. This over torquing leads to deforming an internal washer and binding up the shaft leading to failure/replacement. On older bikes, the shaft is hollow, often causing the end to be sheared off. Loctite is used to lower the tolerances of the c/s sprocket and nut to avoid the root problem of the seeming loose sprocket.
  10. evancgorz

    Suzuki DRZ 400e with DRZ 400s model frame

    Kind of looks like the plug to the cdi ignition box that should go on top of the air box. I don't have my bike anymore but it looks like a computer plug and the rev box is in that area.
  11. Recently got a new bike and thought I'd dump some cool photos of some of the things I've done to it. We are attempting most of the Trans American Trail next June so most of these mods are in preparation for that. Also went ahead and installed the inside 3 gal tank and some Flatlands rad guards and skid plate. For luggage, I have a lot of the Wolfman Enduro line as well as the Green Chilli Adventure Gear soft rack. If you are thinking about getting a metal rack, forget it. This one is only a little more pricey but can be removed when not needed and you can mount just about anything on it!
  12. I recently got one of these racks used at a great price but I am missing the spacers that go with it. Would someone care to measure theirs so I can make my own? Trying to do the TAT on a budget so used parts are great but sometimes need a little extra. Thanks!
  13. evancgorz

    Yamaha WR250R Body Plastic Kit

    I think soloracer has an OEM kit for like 180 bucks, it's under there wrr section on the last page I think
  14. evancgorz

    Wr250r year changes ?

    I believe they changed the cam chain tensioner around 2010 for a more reliable one as well as some spotty fuel pumps earlier on.
  15. evancgorz

    Crack in the frame!

    That's a tough question, all parts have a service life but I believe your bike has a steel frame and they are quite strong, it would have to been put through some pretty extreme loading to have a failure. Where did it crack? I would lean towards using the new one, if it cracked in one place, it likely also experiences stresses higher than expected in other sections of the frame.