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  1. as for the 300cc engine though??
  2. So while browsing the net for a new dirt bike (honda fan so am trying to stay brand loyal) i came across the crf 300r enduro, but there is very little info on this bike and its not on hondas website, only some italian website, but there is youtube videos showing one in 2017. So im wondering if this is just a concept bike? a real thing thats only in europe? and if it is real, when will It be in Australia?? links below
  3. Hey guys, so the standard xr 650r headlight is garbage, it barely shines at all and ill be doing some night street riding, so whats the best option for a headlight and headlight plastics out there on the market, that still looks good. Also, any other good upgrades for an xr650r being set up for dual sport riding would be awesome thanks ! also can someone tell me if the trailtech 8" race light is road legal (has high low beam or can be added) cheers
  4. New south Wales, No recreational rego here, so needs to be a enduro bike with indicators and all to be ridden in the bush
  5. Haha yeah thanks for the tips everyone. Im actually living in australia so riding areas are limited for unregistered bike, freekin sucks
  6. Hey guys, so cant find much online about cr 250r enduro conversions (nothing recent) so im wondering if it is an option or not. I currently have a crf 250x 2009 and a XR 650r. If i want a 2 stroke enduro but want to stick with the honda line up, is a 2007 or 2005 honda cr 250r a good option. and if so what would need to be done to it to get it up to spec for trail and enduro riding. Thanks very much
  7. Hey guys, so Im about to buy an XR 650 r, and I have searched the internet for the longest time and still cant come across some damn honda graphics to put on it. Every time i open a website its got these ridiculous looking graphics (fluro pink and stuff) or its custom motocross which doesnt fit an xr obviously. Where can i get Honda graphics?? Heres a picture to show what im looking for, if anyone could point me towards a good sight that'd be awesome. Thanks very much
  8. Thanks for the tips ill keep em in mind, cheers guys
  9. hey fellas, any advice on how to get the most out of a crf 250x (2010) any advice on upgrades would be mint
  10. hey guys, so recently I've seen tons of pictures of the new 2018 wr 250f, and the headlight looks brilliant! the thing that turns me away from a 2015 up wr is that damn headlight and how bad it looks, so i was wondering if i could buy one of those headlights aftermarket and fit it to a 2015 wr. Or will it take time for them to be released. if i can't get one, whats the closest option? thanks very much
  11. Thanks man, finished it today its bloody awesome. Cheers for the help
  12. Alright sounds good thanks for the quick response time, i should have done this ages ago, been searching the net for weeks looking for a answer. but also to note, i emailed jd jetting to ask them and they said they arent sure if it'll affect roadworthiness?
  13. So I’ve got a 09 crf250x and from every angle I’ve been shouted that the airbox mod will be the best thing in world along with a jd jetting kit. At this time I’ll being using the stock exhaust, so I’m wondering if doing these mods will void the registerablilty of the bike. I’m in nsw Australia. Also, anyone with experience with this mod, does it make it louder? As that is the main issue with getting is registered. I’m planning on doing the mod this afternoon so if someone could let me know ASAP that’d be awesome cheers