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  1. rzr900

    Supersprox sprockets?

    Good sprockets run them on my 450 , trail ride and run harescrambles have 60hrs on set and still look great !
  2. rzr900


    Looking to add new 250x to collection, currently have 450f, will keep it , wanting pros and cons from owners, run harescrambles and trail ride .
  3. rzr900

    Flywheel weight and/or Rekluse?

    I have a 07 450 that I’ve set up for xc racing , run gytr flywheel & rekluse gearing is 13&50 , have a 51& 52 but like 50 best , bike does very well in everything I’ve ran so far
  4. Opinions on enduro engineering vs Cycra pro bends ?
  5. 2010 yz450 , wanting to add flywheel weight for better woods ridability, gearing is 13 & 51 , or would mapping b a better choice ?
  6. Is it recommended to change tensioner when changing cam chain ?
  7. Have a 07 yz 450, thinking about a new bike , like what I have , with some mods it’s a capable trail bike that I have had no problems with, wld a wr 450 or 450fx be worth the investment , pros & cons on either ?
  8. rzr900

    Valve shimming

    Marks are spot on , camchain looks good &feels good , cam loves show no sign of wear , starts good hot or cold , only running issue is a hesitation at low part throttle , jetted , played with needle, & mixture , still same , unplugged tps & it’s gone , have raced & worked on bikes for many years just always been 2 strokes , definitely a learning curve on this thing , being cautious about it I guess
  9. 07 450f , first modern four stroke , checked valves , le -.19mm, re-.18 I know these need adjusted , intake l-r .11,.10,.12 , should I run them for awhile or adjust them also , going to check compression & do leakdown test for peace of mind , bike runs well , a very low hr bike , bike has bn parked for 5-6 yrs of its life , everything I’ve checked looks very good so far , thanks for help & advice .