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  1. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    Well anything better than what it was is good lol. I just went with pro setup from race tech calculator lol I case it alot and was going to work up to them first bike actually trying to dial in grew up trail riding but been going to the track mostly now. I just got the bars cuz I'm 36 and my back hurt after trail riding for 3hrs now I can pretty much stand straight up lol
  2. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    So basically forks and shock has to be revalved? That's why I got the 46 and 5.4 springs I'm 185lbs 5'11"
  3. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    So your saying tighten it all the way? I swear the book says a 1 1/4 out and I'm that comfortable re shimming it I just went from no suspension at all compression one click out on forks to still bottoming out that's the oil the came out of the shock
  4. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

  5. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    I just liked the way the bike hooked up when I got it and it was about a half turn out on that nut and I just rebuilt shock and put a 5.4 spring on it so I was adjusting it and was a bitch with a wrench and was wondering if there was a socket to go over the oval shape
  6. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    Manual says it's high and low and bottom of shock is rebound?
  7. Kx714

    Cast Piston durability

    You seem to know alot about suspension I have an 03 kx250 and was wondering if someone makes a special socket for high speed compression nut on og kyb shock? Thanks
  8. Kx714

    Which 125?

    Ive been thinking of taking my bike to race tech for suspension what did they do to yours? I called them and they said to just service it because it hasnt been and its an 03
  9. Kx714

    Steering stabilizer

    You must wear a chest protector then
  10. Kx714

    Steering stabilizer

    Bar pad. Is it called something else?
  11. Kx714


    Has anyone tried the new dunlop mx32 tires or the mx52 what do you think?
  12. Kx714

    Steering stabilizer

    Does the bar pad fit with it mounted below the bars?
  13. Kx714

    Warp 9 wheels

    Does anyone know what the torque specs on the spokes on the warp 9 wheels? I got some on order was just wondering
  14. Kx714

    rear chain slider

    I zipped tied my phone and used my waze app and it said i did 73 fully tapped your 2000 250 must be heavily modded