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    Ideas for shop?

    I have to agree. I have a 2 stage 80 gallon upright that is crowding 20 years old. It mostly airs tires and operates the bike lift ... occasionally a small grinder. Faced with a huge turnover in 18V deWalt batteries, I decided to use the resources and move to a new platform. I purchased Milwaukee M12 series. Working on bikes instead of big ole Amurican V8s, I opted for the compact head 1/4" and 3/8" drive ratchets. How have I gone so long without them? Purchase 4 batteries and a double charger. Don't waste your money. Battery life is unbelievably long.
  2. mitchntx

    Ideas for shop?

    I built a 24x54 shop. At first it was huge and had lots of room. But within a year, it was beginning to get a bit crowded with shelves, benches, lifts and tool boxes. Oil storage (used and new), parts storage, cleaners, beer fridge ... it eats up the room like you just can't comprehend. There just isn't a shop that is "big enough". A 24x24 is a good size to start. But the space needed to maintain and organize inventory from parting bikes is huge.