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  1. South America, I was told parts are hard to go in, and hard to go out? Wanted to order a fender is difficult, can't even find in ebay
  2. personally think there's a sweet spot for every bikes ,if you go over it , i feel its stressing the engine .
  3. should forward this video to moose racing , so drilling and grinding is not needed
  4. think you should have two sets of exhaust ? road legal -= yoshi , track = lawless ?
  5. there shouldnt be any white smoke on a 4 stroke , probably engine oil burning
  6. just curious ,what made you decide to get drz s from a rm250 ?
  7. stock way , custom cut the tank to fit ?
  8. yea you need to mount the one piece radiator at the lower front , custom made brackets on it , that would solve your problem
  9. looking forward to this build ,someone else used a ltz 400 radiator to custom fit i think , turning it into a tracker ? bobber style seat might look cool .
  10. tail light as in brown ? by the way what does the ignition switch box diagram means , currently its being tap on as always on
  11. i want to tap a wire into the ignition wiring to which the key is on it power up a unit , what colour to tap on ?
  12. hmmm mine has this problem to start as well , always have to first choke to start , wonder its the same issue
  13. never seen oem decal for sale , what year model is this decal ?
  14. i will take note of that
  15. in fact now i remember the problem was from day 1 with stock jetting has this idle problem , after jd jetting ,it was fine for two-three weeks , it came back just today , i didnt change the jet myself , i presume it to be hot setting , its hot all year round here , i check the he probably use 160 main jet , pilot jet 25 , red mark needle ,by the way its a 08 sm