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  1. Aimara

    Did my countershaft crack? What now?

    Can you show how did you mod this?
  2. Aimara

    Short Levers we all can afford-finally,UPDATE

    Moose racing ez 3 fits Drz?
  3. Aimara

    Drz400sm lost grunt

    Did you cap off the top, and air box side?
  4. Aimara


    Mine is 160/60 I think, need to double check
  5. Aimara

    motorcycle battery

    no way 10 years on yuasa ? i get only 2 years max , hmmm whats the secret ?
  6. Aimara

    Drz400SM rev limiter at 88 MPH? Gas?

    any pics of the breather hose ? its location .
  7. Aimara

    motorcycle battery

    my shop mention that cause it premature failure to the drz stator , wonder is it true ?
  8. Aimara

    motorcycle battery

    there is this brand battery name moto batt , anyone using it with no issue ?
  9. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    a good reason to learn slow wheelie , maybe you can ride into your office ,lol
  10. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    just curious do you feel the urge to bring it down ,when pop a wheelie over the log ?
  11. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    Cool, part 2
  12. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    thought you were talking about this,not easy
  13. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    slow wheelie and blipping up a wall ?
  14. Aimara

    Suzuki drz400sm rear sprocket need help!!

    EU models has the solenoid as well but not cush drive ,any pics of your carb ?
  15. Aimara

    Slow Wheelies

    i tend to agreed that its useful for enduro riding , getting used to lightness of the front wheel , of course lofting that front wheel up on demand