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  1. Grand prix cycles in Albany oregon Bill's Husky in Salem oregon. Both owners ride trial and dirt on a gas gas and are very knowledgable and helpful
  2. I'm here for sprint enduro, you gonna make it
  3. Tums...arm pump is acid build up in your arms. Take a couple tums before you ride and its significantly reduced.
  4. Welcome Mark, Lots of pros and cons to new vs used beyond the obvious. New and shiny is always nice but not always the correct decision. I would take the used approach since your in college and have the rest of your life to buy new shiny bikes. I would suggest you find a lower mileage gently used bike that is mostly stock. Just because it has aftermarket parts doesn't mean it's the correct or most beneficial part for you or the bike. Continue to do research and find out what to look for that is or should have been maintained...sprockets, chain, air filter, does it start and idle, run thru the gears. These all seem like basic things but you would be amazed and how many people dont know how to properly jet a carb or adjust the chain slack. I am 100% against leasing because it will never be yours, anything you add to the bike or damage you will end up losing money on. I am not sure where you are located but you can get a clean SM for 5-6k around here, life happens and people dump bikes for the next shiny toy they have to have.
  5. New tires, kick stand mod and installed re-flashed cdi, new anti-gravity battery with new positive and ground wires
  6. I've had several klx/drz pit bikes from stock to fully built with big bore kits and kx65 suspension and they are phenomenal. I've never had a ssr but I've had several buddies with them, and while they are good bikes they don't compare to a mildly built klx. All depends on how hard you want to ride and your size. My buddies ended up selling the SSR to build a klx bike if that says anything. The best part about the SSR is the price point
  7. Oregon is great. Bend is high desert with a few slower technical sections but mostly fast single track. Western Oregon is all slow technical and you can ride the dunes at the coast. I live in eugene and I'm about 1.5 hours to bend, 1hr to the coast and 15minutes-2hr drive to all the technical single track you could ever want.
  8. My bike was all plug and play. I'm in Oregon, catch a flight. I have spare bikes
  9. Here is all the changes gasgas made for '18 https://enduro21.com/index.php/40-general/2177-first-look-2018-gas-gas-ec-300-racing-two-stroke
  10. Not sure where you are located but if your close to me you can ride mine
  11. The GP is still available not sure how many. The recluse includes the clutch not just a cover. I run flexx bars so no clue on the 997
  12. $700 more. And it comes with more than just annodizing, clamps, graphics and seat cover A Rekluse clutch cover and housing, exclusive to Enduro GP models, that is claimed to provide increased efficiency and cooling =A cylinder head with a new combustion chamber for greater torque and more precise response -A complete FMF exhaust system -Renthal 997 handlebar and Renthal grips -X-Trig machined red anodized triple clamps -New machined handlebar clamps designed to add strength to the handlebar mounting system -Kayaba “Factory Racing” Enduro GP forks incorporating a new black anti-friction treatment (DLC coating) for more supple suspension action -A floating front brake disc for increased for improved front brake feel -Black spokes -An Enduro GP=specific seat, in factory racing team colors, for extra grip -Exclusive Enduro GP plastic covers and graphics -A black-anodized aluminum rear sprocket
  13. Supposedly the starter issues has a bulletin out that will fix it. I will get my back in the shop in the next 2 weeks and report back if it is fixed.
  14. Not sure about your elevation but I rode mine stock jetting, needle and slide for 2 tanks with bike being really rich and then adjusted everything. Mine is riding spot on now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  15. I used a Suzuki needle and changed the slide and definitely improved the bike
  16. When I was doing research for my new bike my dealer helped me along through the process and answered all my questions. I have a ktm dealer 6 miles from my house, while they are a good dealer I was looking for a great dealer and great bike which I found in GG. My GG dealer is about 50 minutes from me and took the time to answer all my questions. I think your dealer input and support is very much a part of the buying process. I came from a 4 stroke ktm and still have the bike that now sits and is currently up for sale. I have resolved(for the most part) the GG starting issue, which isn't/wasn't a big deal to me. Time will tell on longevity and durability over time and as the hours start racking up.
  17. I have a 300 gp and love it, the brands your interested in are all terrific bikes. I would suggest riding them and see what fits you the best.
  18. I could go look but I don't care if it's Chinese or made by aliens. I flip the switch and it works.
  19. Oh, look at the brains on Brad! Lol! There are many versions of solar panels, controllers, battery. Everything for $89 including 3 strip lighting? Well I hope it is all you wanted it to be! Well it has worked for the last 4 years in our work cargo trailers that are used daily...So ya that's good enough for me
  20. I bought a solar panel, controller, all my wiring and 3 led strips for $89 and also bought an agm battery for $79. Interstate battery had all this in stock. I will post pics later this week when I get home. Next I will wire a plug for stereo, air compressor and heater to run off my generator outside.
  21. Rekluse clutch cover and housing exclusive to EnduroGP for increased efficiency and cooling Cylinder head with a new combustion chamber for greater torque and more precise response for the most demanding riders Complete FMF exhaust system - Gas Gas EnduroGP Renthal 997 handlebar and Renthal grips give greater feel and comfort to the rider X-Trig machined red anodized triple clamps. They give a greater feeling in the front end and a reduction in weight. New machined handlebar clamps give a greater firmness and strength to the handlebar mounting system Kayaba 'Factory Racing' EnduroGP forks incorporating a new black antifriction treatment (DLC coating) guaranteeing perfect feeling for the rider on any type of terrain Front wheel axle handle for quicker and easier removal Floating front brake disc for increased performance and improved front brake feel Black spokes EnduroGP seat for extra grip. Exclusive factory racing team colour scheme Exclusive EnduroGP plastic covers and graphics Black anodized aluminium rear sprocket
  22. My buddy just ordered a 250GP after seeing my 300GP. Hope your as happy as I have been with mine.
  23. Gasgas parts are more than jap parts but that website is higher than my local dealer. Where you located?
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