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  1. Lucas Hansen

    94 cr250 rattle

    Thanks for the response. We tore it down right after I posted this and had it fixed in about an hour. The center shifter drum bolt was loose. No more ratting sound and it shifts greats.
  2. Lucas Hansen

    94 cr250 rattle

    My buddy’s bike started making this sound after a few rides. Its hard to get it to shift and also seems to slide in and out of gear. When the bike is off and in neutral a loud clicking sound can be heard when rolling it, almost as if the chain is catching on the plastics. Any idea of what this could be? Shift fork? Shift linkage? I will try and attach a video via YouTube link: https://youtu.be/gvXolkkAzqc
  3. It’s not too harsh on the seat? Never thought of using that stuff.
  4. Just wondering what you guys do to remove black marks on your seat. My 08 crf450r has the red/black seat, and after each ride there are some black marks on the red from my riding pants. Not scuff marks, more like patches of black residue from my pants rubbing on the seat. I’ve tried the magic eraser which seemed to do the trick, but lately they seem like they aren’t coming off. Also tried scrubbing bubbles with a brush and no luck. Not too worried cuz I have an spare OEM seat, but I’d like to keep this one nice. Any ideas? Maybe I shouldn’t wear black pants?
  5. Lucas Hansen

    94 Cr250 rattling sound

    Thanks for all the info, we will check into all of those and hopefully find out what’s up!
  6. Lucas Hansen

    94 Cr250 rattling sound

    Recently my buddy acquired a 94 cr250. It was rebuilt somewhat recently, I think it has maybe 23 hours on the top end... Anyway, the bike starts up pretty easy and idles fine. After riding it around the yard for about and hour my buddy and I noticed this rattling sound happening at idle. It was more of a rapid vibration that almost sounded like a heat shield rattling. I inspected the bike while it was on, and it didn’t appear to be anything externally making the sound. To me it sounded like the bottom end. It was not a contasnt sound either, it kind of came and went. It didn’t sound like piston slap to me. I haven’t found any other discussions on sounds like this, but I did find a video of a 2 stroke scooter making a similar sound. I know this isn’t a dirt bike but just to give you guys an idea of the sound this link is pretty much what the vibrating sounds like on my buddy’s bike. Any ideas? And also, the bike does not appear to be hitting the power right. I thought it was jetting or power valve. It just really bogs and doesn’t hit the power right. Takes way too much throttle to get any type of 250 power. It’s hard to explain, but it just doesnt feel right.
  7. Lucas Hansen

    08 crf450r Carb leaking

    Thanks for the input, I didn’t think of that! Had a similar experience with the oil filter o-ring going bad, so it could be the bowl nut o-ring this time!
  8. Lucas Hansen

    08 crf450r Carb leaking

    Hello all, I’m new to this website figured I’d give it a try. I’ve had this issue before, and want to know if anyone else has experienced it. I have an 08 crf450r that runs great, the carb was recently gone through (R&R, rejet...) by a professional shop. However I found that after storing it for a couple months either when I turn the gas on or start the bike gas starts leaking from the CARB, not the overflow tube, but the CARB Itself. The first time it happened I took it back to the shop and they said all they did was just open it back up, inspect and retighten everything and it ran fine with no leaks. BTW I always drain the gas from the bowl before storing it if that means anything. Anyway this time the bike sat for about 4 months, totally fine when I put it away, and as soon as I turned the gas on it was straight dripping off the float bowl nut. Took a few more kicks than normal to start, but ran fine once it got going. I’m suspecting it could be the combo of a stuck float needle and a bad bowl gasket? But wouldn’t the bike run like crap if the float was stuck? It runs/idles/revs fine. Any opinions? Any similar experiences of putting a bike away totally fine and then pulling it out months later to find a leaky carb? I will be fixing it this spring reguardless, figured I’d just toy around with some other opinions while I wait for winter to be over. P.S. if anyone is really that interested I can email you a video of the leak. Thanks!