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  1. Hi guys, After tons of hours and topics readed i would like to ask you .. got 2005 drz400s stock pipe,stock exhaust,stock cams... already have 3x3 mod on airbox,using jd kit - 155 main jet, 22.5 pilot jet(stock) with keintech extended fuelscrew (dont using 25 Pj because when i screw extended fuelscrew fully in - engine still nicely idling) Have blue needle from Jd but my question is if i use #3 or #4 clip from top when i am riding at czech republic thats mean altitude about 1600 feet and weather conditions about 50-98 °F Thanks for any advice
  2. nice pics guys
  3. i've JD set so i have 25 pilot and 145,145,155,160 .. actually using 155 main jet and blue needle on #3 clip,i am riding at +-1450 feet sea level . can i rejet with these jets or get some anothers?
  4. guys i need advice -- suzuki DRZ-S 3x3mod, JDjetkit, stock exhaust vs same mods except DRZ E header pipe mounted to stock DRZ-S muffler .. is E ( or powerbomb header) good idea or its waste of money? ty for replies
  5. wallet ripping from RXV. Nope i own only Drz <3 . Rxv own my friend he is riding with his dog btw.. yesterday arrived jet kit from ebay
  6. Rxv still working, but mate tell me about some ringing noises .. so i think wallet RIP is coming my Drz is waiting for valve adjustment (have 0.20 both exhaust valves barely and intake 0.10.. i would like centered to service limits (drz is 2005 with 14000+- km) after valv adjustment i make 3x3 hole to airbox and mount JD jet kit and new oil, filters etc.. iam curious about the difference from stock to jet kit and 3x3 (exhaust stock).. some ideas about clip of needle in carb in JD set? iam riding about 1500 feet sea level .. actually mount mask and fender from ktm sx-f, exc-f 2013-14 and i love it like rear fender btw still waiting on new blinkers .. philosofic question - stock exhaust vs stock pipe and open muffler from some 4t 450 .. can HPs go up with this open muffler or its only sound efect?
  7. another shot
  8. Greeting from czech republic My drz and friend aprilia rxv 450