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  1. timing is dead on. Looks like it’s a weak stator
  2. First off don’t hook the pump up to a car batter. Use a small 12v batter pack. And it seems like it’s my stator now. It’s not getting enough power to the pump or injector
  3. Pavetim thanks much gonna try to fill the fuel line tomorrow. Cause my fuel pump definitely works but it has a small misfire when I keep the throttle steady at mid range rpms. And it will start once or twice after riding it for a few mins.
  4. Timing and everything are on. The shop even rechecked valves and timing after the first start and run with spray.
  5. I just got done totally rebuilding a 2014 kx450f I mean all new everything on the inside of the motor. But now the bike won’t start on its own. But it will start with starting fluid and then it stays running untill you shut it off. Could my fuel pump be going out or could my ECU be bad? Iv had different people tell me different things. Bike also has a bit of a misfire when your trying to keep the throttle locked at a certain point. This is my first fuel injected dirtbike and I’m not sure what to check first and or how to check it. I put a lot of money into this bike and I just want it to run right.