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  1. chukob

    electrical problem

    I read several posts that suggest that a red hot header is pretty normal for these bikes if they are sitting idle. I will check the rectifier tomorrow
  2. chukob

    electrical problem

    It turns out the new battery I bought was bad. Put in a replacement and it started and continued to run, but still no lights. Had a hard time restarting with several backfires but then it started and continued running. I turned it off and on again with no backfiring the second time. I tried to test the rectifier while the engine was running as stated in the manual, but noticed my header was turning bright orange hot so I turned off the motor. Is this normal? Oil level is correct. Do I need to worry about this? I never saw my street bikes get this hot.
  3. chukob

    electrical problem

    A buddy of mine just gave me his 2003 wr450F that has not run for a few years. I purchased a new battery and when I tried to start it, I only heard the relay click. I then jumped it off my truck battery, and the started turned over and I was able to get the bike running. But I cannot take off the jumper cables or the bike will die. Also, none of the lights or horn work. I think I pieced together that they run on AC so will not work until the motor is running. But once the motor was running the light still did not come on. So I am a bit stumped as to what is going on. Do I have a ground problem?