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  1. Here are a couple of photos. Its corrosion under the anodized layer. It's all over. Mostly cosmetic i assume but I want to get them refinished / hard anodized and prefer a better set.
  2. Hey Glenn, i did just that and this is what I found: 2010 - 2011 YZ250F 2012 - 20115 WR250F I was hoping someone had some inside info that an older YZ outer tube would fit all the guts and caps, and be the proper length of my WR450f guts. I see that 2005 and onward YZ250/450f have closed chambered forks. Was hoping someone had experience swapping these parts out successfully. By the way Glenn, on this little project i'm fitting these forks ('12 WR450F) on a '17 Beta 250rr! Looks like you have some experience with Beta as well.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping older YZ fork parts would be interchangeable with newer year KYB forks. All the ones in this list are still hard to find. I'll keep my eye out for these though.
  4. Have some damage on the outer / upper fork tubes on a '12 WR450F. New OEM replacements are pricey. Will any older YZ outer tubes work as a replacement? They are (more) plentiful on fleabay. The forks will eventually be fit on a upper clamp of 54mm diameter. So tubes being 54 or 56mm top will both work fine. Thanks.