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    2003 XR100R Low speed jet

    Sorry, that would probably help. The jet I pulled is circled. 2nd picture, you can see the brass that is still down in the hole. You may be able to see that there is a shoulder down there below the little tube. This inserts into the threaded body of the jet. Maybe this is just how they are put together? I've never seen one come apart like that. 3rd, that is the low speed body.
  2. needlenose

    2003 XR100R Low speed jet

    I pulled the low speed jet and there appears to be a small piece of brass tubing down in the hole. I believe it's the little perf tube at the end of the jet, but it looks like it inserts into the bottom of the threads. Is there such a thing as a 2-piece low speed? To be clear, this is not the hi-speed that has the orfice that screws into the top of the needle tube; this is the low speed that's only about 3/4" long. I think it's just the perf tube from the body that stuck in some corrosion. I just want to make sure before I start pulling on things. This is a used Keihin carb off fleabay. Thanks!
  3. needlenose

    '03 XR100R replacement carb

    Thanks for the replies. The carb fooled me when I bought it. It has "JAPAN" stamped under the name, but it's some wonky name I've never heard of. When I looked it up, it's a chinese company. It's a Mikuni clone, so maybe they just thought the JAPAN markings were part of the casting... It also has the brass overflow tube in the bowl split. Never seen that before. I can only guess that there was water in it or something and it froze? Very weird.
  4. needlenose

    '03 XR100R replacement carb

    I just bought my son an '03 XR100 and the PO tossed the factory carb when it finally clogged the low speed and replaced it with some chinese carb. The problem is that it's a 27mm with unmarked jets. Not surprisingly, it runs like poop. It's bone stock aside from the carb. I would like to just get a properly size carb(believe 22mm is stock?). Is there a decent aftermarket replacement carb, or should I just go drop the $110+shipping for a factory Honda carb? Thanks!