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  1. How many miles have you put on the klx351's and have you had any trouble with yours?
  2. You will love Co, great riding for sure. And yes, probably am leaning toward the green one.
  3. They are just cheapo Amazon LED's, they sell for about $18. a pair and I just made some aluminum tabs off the upper triple clamp bolts to mount them to. They are cheap and work great. The centered LED light on the front of the DRZ is about $18 as well. LED technology has gotten very cheap.
  4. I do some overnight trips but have yet to do several day trips. I am going to do the Co BDR this year in July or August. Any bike I keep has to have the ability to do everything, maybe not well, but everything. Comparing the DRZ and KLX on singletrack today, the KLX just seems to find more traction, even on a 40% kenda 270 rear.
  5. I have heard some guys having head gasket issues but I think that may be partly install error. When I did mine, the head stud bores filled partly with oil and, if not blown out with compressed air, would have caused reduced torque on the head assembly. Mine has about 4K miles on the 351 kit and has been very reliable, no overheating even on crazy rocky, slow singletrack. Just my experience. Other's mileage may vary
  6. So I took the DRZ out today and found some difficult singletrack , and put 116 mile on it today. The issue is not "can I ride the DRZ," I can. I only have 2 seasons of riding experience but have practiced a lot on difficult stuff and have decent clutch control. The issue is, which bike should I keep. The DRZ can do it but feels a little less nimble than the KLX, the DRZ is easier to keep from falling over as it is a bit lighter, E model, and the suspension does not seem as compliant. It has more power than the KLX 351. THe KLX has a MUUUCH better 1st gear and just feels more agile on tight trails. Both bikes are great, good problem to have, but one bike must win.
  7. Colorado has a lot of really rocky, steep trails, holding too much speed, for me at least, could mean deflecting off a rock and going off a cliff or something. Being able to ride very slow up to an obstacle, like a rock step and then weight the bike and zap up over it is very nice. This is the way I am most comfortable riding but I have seen guys hall over that terrain, mostly on 2 strokes. But yes, 14/49 is very low gearing
  8. That is an interesting thought, never thought about a Recluse. I tend to like riding my KLX kinda like a trials bike in tight stuff, slow, on the pegs, balancing and weighting/de weighting a lot. I can still do this with the DRZ, and infact, can practically track stand it. The issue is, the tight stuff is just so much more rewarding on the KLX because it practically stops moving and won't stall. The DRZ is currently geared at 14/49! and the 1st gear is still really tall. It is running around 50mph at 6K rpm. What are the auto clutches like to ride, can you still use the clutch the same way?
  9. Wow man, hope you get well soon.
  10. Man, they are both ugly bikes, guess the green one wins the color game. I was always a fan of the Hulk comics growing up.
  11. Yes, this is the question, not sure about reliability. I know a lot of guys have ridden DRZ's to high mileage, and there is one guy on Adventure rider who racked up crazy mileage on a klx351 in Asia, but that was one guy. And yes, the KLX has the stock CVK 34 and the DRZ has the flat slide FCR 39 pumper. I am sure this makes a big difference however, the DRZ just seems to have a very wide powerband and just makes more power. The KLX seems to be very happy at low to midrange, but never comes on at higher revs. Not really bad for the type of riding that I tend to do though.
  12. Yeah, already did all the "loctite fixes", Man that is a lot of loctite! There is never enough power I guess. Which bike do you think would be more reliable? Long lived? I plan running the one I keep up over 20K miles, probably a lot more than 20K.
  13. Here are both bikes as they sit right now, both adventurized on the cheap.
  14. I am at 5,000 ft above sea level in Northern Co and frequently ride 7-10k ft above sea level. The plug actually looked black, but I have not checked since I opened the exhaust. Seems to run a bit cleaner now.