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  1. I just came off a 2013 rmz450. Ive never been brand loyal either, the last yamaha i had was a 2005 yz125 and it was one of the best all around bikes ive ever had.
  2. Brought her home today. Beyond stoked!! I spun it around the neighborhood real quick, it never stops pulling! Cannot wait to hit the dirt!
  3. Couldnt be more excited!
  4. Yea you're right UG_Allstar. Im going to get the 18 yz450 this weekend
  5. https://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/YZ450F-18-problems-already,1329988 Heres just one
  6. Okay so im ready to jump on a new ride any day now. I just went down to my local yamaha dealer to see the yz450 and... I was sold on it. Its a gorgeous bike. It has E-start. I love the blue wheels. And i love the idea of the phone tuning app... So i came home and did some research... And now im disappointed. O came across a few threads saying that yamaha has had frame cracking issues for quite awhile now. And that is a huge turn off for me. I dont even want to risk it. Also, with the air box inlets being at the front lf the bike, they are more prone to sucking in dirt and sand?? I also read that the E-start is finicky as well.. Overall im feeling let down because i almost pulled the trigger on buying it today, but decided to wait. I REALLY dont want to buy a 10k bike just to have huge issues right out of the gate. I thought yamahas were known for their reliability???
  7. Oh and the sff forks on my rmz have been terrible. Its like riding a jackhammer. Even after having them revalved and what not.. So plush suspension is a must also. Seems like husky/ktm got the air forks dialed right when all the jap bikes ditched them to go back to spring forks
  8. Im glad you guys brought up the 350s because theyve had my eye for awhile also. Some guys say they are the best all around bike that you can buy, but i hear that they are more like 250s in terms of power, you have to rev them to the moon. Overall im mostly looking for a bike with a semi aggressive powerband, and excellent brakes. Ive owned bikes from all of the big 4.. I wouldnt consider a honda ever again. Ive had 4 different hondas in the past. 125/250 2smokes, a 450 and a 250f, and every single one suuucked lol! I had a 2005 yz125 and that was probably one of the best bikes ive ever owned in terms of reliability and plush suspension. So Yamaha isnt out the window. As far as the 18 rmz goes, i agree with Tom.. Theres nothing too special about it.. Its still heavy. No E-start.. The new rear shock is finicky. So i think rmz is out too. Honestly i think im most set on the 18 husky.. But now im thinking of taking a little trip down to the local Yamaha dealer to check out the yz in person
  9. My only complaint with the ktm is the color orange 😛 lol. Although the 18s look so much nicer with the orange frame to match. But i do favor the husqvarna much more. I think the white/blue combo is stunning. Shes a real eye catcher. But i do know that there a few changes that make it slightly less desirable than the ktm, mainly the powerband, from what ive heard, it feels more lazy than the ktm, but apparently the best way to fix that is by changing silencers. Has anybody out there ridden both the ktm and husky 450s? Either 17s or 18s?
  10. Thanks for the reply Dave! You actually brought up a few good points that make me favor the ktm and husky as well. The brakes and overall weight. My suzuki has mediocre front brakes even with an oversized rotor and it is also super heavy.. I feel like having a more nimble chasis and more stopping power should greatly improve my confidence on a bike just like it did for you. Also ktm is always at the front of the pack when it comes to power. Im 5'11 210 pounds, and i sometimes find myself wanting just a little bit more out of my rmz, its good from bottom to mid, but flattens out on top... All of the weak links i have issues with seem to be sooo much better with the ktm
  11. Hey guys. I am in the market for a 2018 450 in the next couple weeks. I currently ride a 2013 rmz450 that i bought new a few years ago. Its been a fantastic bike (aside from the forks) and really made me a fan of suzukis which really has me eyeing a 2018 rmz 😀😀 but i also really have a thing for the new Husqvarnas and Ktms. Basically what im looking for is real world experience with any 2018 models.. What do you guys ride?? I spend most of my time in the rocky nevada desert and i like to ride a mix of moto/ single track and technical enduro. So im looking for a good all around type of bike. Thanks for any and all input!! Also, the new Alta Mxr is not out of the picture either 😉
  12. The cases are split, the bike is getting a new bottom end anyway. Im planning to re use the case i think
  13. I actually bought this bike as a project, the engine was completely disassembled and kind of just thrown in a box with no sign of that piece anywhere
  14. These are pictures of a 2006 honda crf 250 right side case half. In the kick starter mechanism housing, there is a small piece of aluminum that bridges across a hole in the case. It broke off, and im wondering if anybody else has seen this before, and will it be an issue? I dont think it serves a purpose, but i would like a second opinion. Thanks!