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  1. Yes blue lock tight
  2. So this is twice now that this has happend and I'm just wondering if I'm missing something... Stator screws came loose and broke the coil enough where I had to push home.. Took it apart and all screws backed out and shattered one of the screw sockets.. So I soldered back that stator and lock tight the 3 screws I had left on the stator.. Same thing happened again today.. Screws backed out and it was finished.. Another push up hill both ways... Am I missing something with these things before I put my on order one in? (2007 kx450f)
  3. So took it into a local bike shop here and buddy says the 57mm piston is a little slack in the cylinder (like I'm talking a hair size to slack) And says to bore it to next size but the guy to bore it says after all said and done I'm looking at about 350 parts and labour.. That's a little rediculious concidering the bike it's going into.. Is there an easyer way around this? New piston ring for 20 bucks or something? I'm in st. Catharines Ontario if anyone's from around here
  4. Very comfortable.. Never hot.. And flex incredible
  5. A magnet sticks.. It's sleved.... I can't hone a sleeve can I... ?
  6. Best I could get...
  7. In all honesty, iv ordered the gasket kit already, and was just going to pick up another ring and throw it on there. I have a honer.. Was going to suffer it up a bit and cross my fingers.. I'm going to to garage very soon I'll post pics of the inside.. And then you guys can maybe give me a better idea of what I should do...
  8. I appreciate the help guys, thank you
  9. So I'm aiming for the 57mm kit? Now it that 57mm including the ring or just the piston.. Please excuse my stupidity.. First time ever doing this type of mantinance.. After work I'm going to try useing this tool to see if I get a better reading
  10. So I need new piston and rings but not sure which to get here.. Just don't want to order wrong one and destroy it.. One of those wiseco images are my choices..
  11. Just dosent make sense to me. It was running.. I put it in gear. It died (because clutch Was slack I'm going to guess) and that was the last start.. I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to 2 stroke.. What kind of oil am I to put in the gear box? I'm putting 10w40.. Is there a something else I should be useing? Also I took the muffler off to see inside the chamber and the muffler poured out super black shit (Was dry before) leading me to believe my air valve was dumping to much gas.. Or am i an idiot.. Again.. I don't do 2 stroke..
  12. So this piece of.. This bike.. Was starting fine with the little crack of the throttle.. All of a sudden its no start. I was messing around with the air valve.. I can push kick start threw with a finger.. Help please
  13. Yeah I'm just trying to find out if it's actually 13mm on the bike... I work in a machine shop so rigging something up won't be a problem.. But I'd also like to just have the son of a bitch fit too.. Iv found some on ebay.. But a hundred bucks just for the lever? Come on..
  14. Do you think this will work? 9
  15. Not sure what these numbers mean?