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  1. Send me a dm where you want to start from
  2. I just looked you're right. Maybe up to Cleveland National Forest.
  3. It's supposed to be warm down in the inland empire this weekend. I was going to try to get up to the mountains where it's going to be cooler
  4. Noobatized

    Drz400 flywheel puller 38mm

    Does anyone in the 951/909 have a 38mm flywheel puller I could use for 2 minutes?
  5. Noobatized

    Clutch issue

    Here's a head scratcher... I pressure washed my drz a few days ago and now the clutch won't engage until almost all the way out but will want to jump a little when I put it in first. Now there's a weird noise coming from my stator area. I only used light pressure without directly spraying on any seal. 2002 Drz400s all stock except exhaust 5600 miles
  6. Noobatized

    Drz400s noisy valves

    Manual tensioner
  7. Check out SoCal Dual Sport Riders on Facebook
  8. Noobatized

    Drz400s noisy valves

    Went for a short ride today and I noticed when I got home my valves were noisy. It doesn't sound like typical valve tick. I'm aware of expansion and contraction but never noticed this sound before. Is this a common sound or should I be worried? 02' DRZ400S With 5700 miles
  9. Noobatized

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    Mani-pedi time or time to ride
  10. Noobatized

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    I think it's accessible from the Corona side.
  11. Noobatized

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    Plated but I can stage. My drz will fit in my Ford Transit (like parking a Hummer in a spot the size of a Miata)
  12. Noobatized

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    I'm trying to go on Saturday. Someone on Socal Dual Sport said Lake Matthews to Sierra Peak
  13. Noobatized

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    I'm from Jurupa Valley and want to go ride Lake Matthews. I was headed there yesterday but my fuel mixture screw fell out on my way and can get a new one until the 2nd.