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  1. Hey guys, im in the middle of designing a product and need to pick a voltage regulator/rectifier to fit a wide range of dirt bikes would anyone know the range of voltage seen from some of our older bikes' (without batteries) stators? any info would be welcomed! thanks!
  2. pro wake

    2019 yz450fx fan not kicking on...

    Bam. Thanks, dude!
  3. Anyone know the temp Yamaha has the fan come on at? let my bike idle until it got up to 240 before shutting it down. tested the fan on a battery and it works fine. thoughts?
  4. pro wake

    Red Death strikes again

    Broken Pelvis
  5. pro wake

    2018 yz450 hot starting sucking

    little update couldn't stand the high idle needed to start effectively. Rekluse didn't either. ended up turning it back down to the lowest stable level and just BARELY twisting the throttle on hot starts, like 1 or 2 degrees only, and she starts right up hopefully Yamaha fixes this in the future
  6. pro wake

    Knee braces for short riders

    Idk I love my mobius braces, I'm 5'9 with a damaged left MCL and wear a size small I can wear them all day and night comfortably and wouldn't trade for anything they are the best selling braces right now for a reason...
  7. pro wake

    Make my red sticker green sticker?

    one legal way is to register and plate it in AZ
  8. pro wake

    Make my red sticker green sticker?

    don't stop for rangers?
  9. pro wake

    2018 supercross yz450f

    Supposedly his rear brake failed, something impacted it
  10. pro wake

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    Why all the Anderson hate? i don’t like him either but I have no idea why
  11. pro wake

    2018 Monster Energy San Diego SX Bench Racing - Rd 6

    oh FFS, he didn't even make contact he went for an aggressive pass for an aggressive lap to get as close as possible to the front. you can be aggressive without making contact and he def didn't until shit got out of hand when he hooked up in the rut it was a risky move but this is supercross. winning takes risk
  12. pro wake

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    pretty sure its broken. When you watch the replay in quarter speed, it gets jerked into the swingarm quickly and bends, then when he pulls it out it flops with no hand movement at all. I just wonder if a mid bone break is better than anything else, as it looked to be
  13. pro wake

    2018 Monster Energy San Diego SX Bench Racing - Rd 6

    SD took wayyy too many casualties
  14. pro wake

    2018 Alta Redshift “R” models??

    https://www.altamotors.co/redshiftmxr#redshift-mx-1 SHIT LOOKS DOPE! WAY more power, cooler operating temps, lighter, and still 3k less than last years bike nice!!
  15. Been seriously looking at getting one of these redshifts to mess around with between (and prob at) weekend track rides. Just called the sfo Alta dealer and a dude told me alta is about to announce R models in a couple days? the 18 MX already looks a MUCH better with the improved fork and 5k price drop... whats this R gonna bring!? *prays for weight reduction*