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  1. My buddy has one and it’s a little taller than my old YZ125. So I would say about 53 inches or so??
  2. Well I went to the shop today and picked up a 52 tooth rear sprocket so that will get put on tomorrow night and we’ll see what kind of difference it makes to the overall performance. Also picked up a different header and exhaust setup to play with. I guess I’ll mix and match and tune till it’s right for me. Well the way it runs, it will always be a bit tall for me but what’s a little sacrifice for overall enjoyment. Rode around a bit today in the snow, forgot that early lesson in life.... ice is slippery!! About lost it going up the hill but managed to find just enough traction to go and straighten it out without coming over backwards. Really like the feel and control I have of the bike. Way better than my yz426f or my yz400f I’ve been riding.
  3. THATS BAD!!!!!!!!
  4. My bad the 99 is a 400. My 01 was the 426. But I destroyed that thing in no time at 15.
  5. I got a 1986 KDX 200 with a decent bore job that rides pretty good for being 30 years old. I like that it sits a bit lower than my other bikes and it makes a good change of pace. A 99 yz426f that I ride quarries and strip mines on cuz it’s a bit more throaty and can grunt on the low end while we putt around. Then I break out the newest addition when we go ride back roads or head to the track, 97 ktm 250 sx. Thinking about mellowing her out and turning it into my everyday ride tho.
  6. Is there any way to adjust the power valve on this bike? I want it to open sooner and smoother instead of snapping like it does. Or will just adjusting my sprockets help out enough?
  7. Well dirt.... it comes with a brand new tubeliss rear rim and a new Maxxis tire, few replacement plastics, another set of bars, folding ramps, a bike stand, an axle kick stand, another reed housing and Boyesen reeds, and a spare carb. I have $800 cash for it.
  8. That’s what I thought. But it’s definitely titled as an mxc with the same vin number as what’s on the bike. Oh man I had it out riding it today a little bit in the cold, what a blast. Most wicked thing I’ve ever put a leg over for sure. 3rd gear and I couldn’t keep the front tire down.
  9. It reads mxj209vm for the vin code
  10. So while scrolling Craigslist looking for a winter project/ spring toy I found a good deal on a 97 ktm 250. Got it home and went to work had it running after an hour or 2 but with a few easy fix issues. Exhaust leak from the header mount and it fouls the plug every time it starts. My big concern is what it actually is.... it is titled and I bought it as an mxc but everything I’ve found online leads me to believe they didn’t make a 250 mxc in 97. Can I check the vin and find out or is there another way to go about this?