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    Forks compress but won't rebound

    Alright that all makes sense, but the one thing that I can't figure out is for the first 2 weeks I had the bike the forks worked perfectly fine. I hadn't touched them or the front wheel. Then all of a sudden one day they weren't working properly. Any ideas?
  2. BigBeau

    Forks compress but won't rebound

    Alright well I'll work on the alignment just in case. Don' know much about forks but I can watch some videos and check it out. But if newer forks are the answer, well riding on them as is cause damage to any part of the bike other than the forks themself? Won't be able to get new ones for a little bit
  3. I have a 2003 Ktm 300exc with stock suspension. I just recently bought the bike and everything was working great. One day I went out and took the bike off the stand and felt something weird with the front end. After messing with it For a bit I discovered that any weight at all would compress the forks almost all the way and it wouldn' rebound at all, I have to pull up on the bars to get it to uncompress. I messed with the clickers and it helped a little buy not much. My only two guesses are the oil is low or the springs need to be adjusted, but i don't know much about suspension so any ideas will be extremely helpful.