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  1. Thanks. I actually had off today so I went old school with tube rubber, etape and cable ties. It was a hell of a project, but its finished. The bike is buttoned up and is running well. My only concern is the connection from the harness to the coil. The insulation was a bit melted because it rests against the exhaust port. Kinda scary.
  2. I ended up cutting out all the melted length of the wire and replaced it. All seems to be running well now. Now Ineed to figure out the best way to wrap the loom since 5:1 heatshrink would be needed to get over these connectors!
  3. George, do you know where I can find a copy if the wiring diagram? Can you send a copy?
  4. What makes you think it has to do with the starter? The starter hasn't been an issue. I've visually traced it to each connection of the harness, and I've checked with a meter after replacing. The lack of wiring diagram is my main issue in solving this.
  5. Hello all. Any help here would be grear. First, does anyone have or know where to find a wiring diagram for a 16' 430 rs? I have looked all over Beta USA's support page, and I'm not seeing it anywhere. On a ride last week, my bike died. When turning the key from off to on, I didn't hear the fuel pump so I took a look under the tank. When pressing on the main trunk of wiring loom under the tank I would hearing the pump sometimes turn on. After juggling the wire loom the pump fully came on i was able to ride back. I removed the wiring harness and opened most of it up. There is a grey wire with a black stripe that has lots of exposed copper. It looks like it melted through. Now what?! I've a watched s picture, but the copper is exposed in much more area than the pic shows.
  6. Thanks for the help, guys. I have a race tech 5.8 on the way. I spoke with Dave at Get Dirty today. I just want to get the rear within spec initially. It’s so off that everything else is moot. It feels like I’m on a chopper. I practically have to sit on the gas cap to stick the front at times. I certainly miss the days of being young, 180 lbs, and no metal holding my body together! Bikes were way easier then!.
  7. Hmm. Interesting. So they are sold by beta this way, or does this happen over time? I bough the bike with 25 hrs, and it now has 35. I’m 225-230 with gear depending what’s in my bag for the day.
  8. Hey guys. I’m back into riding in about 15 years, and I’m on a 16’ Beta 430 RS. I’ve done some searching on the forums and haven’t found much on this.....On attempt to set my sag, I could not get the race sag any lower than 122mm and my static any lower than 40mm (35mm is spec). I have the preload cranked all the way. I have no more threads on the shock left. It’s a Sachs with the stock 5.4 spring Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.
  9. Hello All, After going the past 15 or so years with only street bikes, I’ve decided to get back into the game. I grew up riding 2-strokes in South Jersey pits and Englishtown. Lately I’ve been really wanting to get a plated bike to get back out on the trails. After spending the past few months researching, I’ve decided to go more the plated dirt bike route. From looking at high mileage WR250Rs to new EXCF 500s, I ended up getting a 16’ Beta 430 RS. 500 miles with 25 hours. The bike looks like it never touched dirt. Most of my former riding buddies are either out of the game all together or are ex racers that just rip around some local pits from time to time. I look forward to getting out with some new riding buddies. Now I just have to see how the titanium rods and screws throughout my back hold up!