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  1. Hello All, After going the past 15 or so years with only street bikes, I’ve decided to get back into the game. I grew up riding 2-strokes in South Jersey pits and Englishtown. Lately I’ve been really wanting to get a plated bike to get back out on the trails. After spending the past few months researching, I’ve decided to go more the plated dirt bike route. From looking at high mileage WR250Rs to new EXCF 500s, I ended up getting a 16’ Beta 430 RS. 500 miles with 25 hours. The bike looks like it never touched dirt. Most of my former riding buddies are either out of the game all together or are ex racers that just rip around some local pits from time to time. I look forward to getting out with some new riding buddies. Now I just have to see how the titanium rods and screws throughout my back hold up!