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  1. I have a gas tank with quite a bit of rust. Is it safe for me to pressure wash it out, than air dry it with a air compressor? After that I would make sure to keep the gas tank full at all times when it’s sitting. Will this work or will it just become rusty again?
  2. I have never ridden a small mx bike before. I really just am interested in one because I was finding it frustrating dealing with the weight of the ttr 230. I didn’t ever have a problem with stalling it. I would also like to get into motocross. My cousin is a professional rider and has a track right down the road and I was planning on making one.
  3. I am getting back into bikes after a heavy slow ttr 230. I would like to see what people think would be best for slow to mid speed trail riding?
  4. I’m debating over Cr 125’s. I don’t know the difference though between a Cr125 and a Cr125r. Can anyone tell me the differences and the advantages/ disadvantages of both?
  5. So I just bought and put on a used set of tires off a prairie 650 with obvious front end issues. The front tires off of it are worn uneven, one side of the individual tread is higher then the other on both sides facing the same direction, causing my four wheeler to pull the way they are worn. My front end is perfect as of right now. Will using these front tires damage my front end?
  6. Yeah and the rims fit perfectly on my brute force
  7. A guy close to me has mud lites on rims that are worn a little more then half way. He is only asking 70 bucks for 4. Are they still any good?
  8. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and always see people in the comments saying; “You can’t ride a 2-stroke.” Or ,”You drive it like a 4 stroke.” I also am confused because they say you can’t engine break but you also can’t ride the clutch. How are you supposed to slow down then? As you can see I have only ridden 4- strokes.
  9. When I think about my trail riding wouldn’t be too slow moving, if I had to guess I average 10-15 km/hr. Would that be fast enough to keep it cool?
  10. My neighbor races and has his own track and he would help me out a little with slow technical situations.
  11. I don’t know if I quite understand.
  12. I am wondering what you guys would do with my 2013 650xt for mods. I live in Canada so yes there’s snow. My rear left tire is worn out and my high beams don’t work, typical can am problem. What should I do next?
  13. I am looking for another bike. I had a TTR 230 4 months ago and I hated it. I really didn’t like the weight, 250lbs and it was so slow. I am a strong kid and I still couldn’t control the weight. I like the thought of a 2 stroke mx bike, I would use it mostly for trail riding but I plan on racing too. I am concerned though that I am two big for it even though I have little experience on a bike but I have been riding quads since I was 5. Money is no concern for me, I have a lot saved up but don’t want to buy new. Any other bikes you would suggest too? Anything helps thanks.